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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Weekend Rewind


What a busy day!!
I had a tournament on Saturday, so we planned on celebrating Stephen's birthday on Friday night with our family! The birthday boy got his pick, so we all went to Buffalo Wild Wings for wings, cake, sports, and fun!
Nataleigh & I spent the morning running around like crazy people making sure we found his present and grabbed his cake!
 My sassy side-kick!
 When the princess asks for Petro's, you take her!
Petro's is one of our favorite spots to eat. 
Her kids' meal is mac & cheese, orange slices, and a cookie!
Mama got the small petros & a large tea with orange!
These long aisles at Target are perfect for twirling!!
After grabbing the boys from school, we swung by Dick's, and the kiddos had fun on the putting green. (We picked up an extra kiddo, Luke, who is one of both boys' best friends)!
 What a cool crew!
 Testing hats @ Lids!
 We love cookie cakes from The Great American Cookie Company.
My sweet basketball-loving boy was so happy!
 A little impromptu dance party never hurt nobody!
Typical family picture...post dinner!
Shout-out to myself for tracking down that LeBron James jersey because it was exactly what he wanted!!
Also, a big thank you to our family for celebrating with us! You all make our kiddos feel so special!


Like I said, my JV team had the Pick-of-Dixie tournament, and my dad took Stephen out for his birthday & my mom took Nataleigh to a pageant. She competed locally in her favorite system, the Cinderella system. She competes in Casualwear, Beautywear, and back & on-stage interview. I love that she is learning interview skills and how to be lady-like. Here are the pictures, and my little lady did so well.
 Curl formers for the win!
Lalaloopsy girl.
 Back-stage interview with her friend, Riley!
 Casualwear = adorable!
 All that SASS!!
And she won! She didn't compete perfectly, but dang, for a 3-year old she was pretty spot-on!
And we ended the day breaking the 11-year curse of Tennessee-Florida game.


 Our sweet little church sings "Happy Birthday" to the people in the congregation, and Stephen was so embarrassed & so happy at the same time! He also tithed $12 from his birthday money. What a blessing it was to sit down & explain Biblical tithing with him!
My outfit yesterday was a long-sleeve dress, vest, and my favorite booties. I plan on willing Fall temperatures here one way or another!
This girl headed to practice with me last night, and she demanded to wear her purple Nike shorts + leotard because duh...athletics!

This was a fun weekend, and I loved all the family & individual time we had. Nothing beats family time though, and we've become so intentional with our time together. I'll end this post with a picture from Monday before school. It was Picture Day for the boys, and I just don't know any 2 cuter, sweeter, kinder, funnier boys that Stephen & Carson!
Future heartbreakers of America!
See y'all tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday!

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