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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Today we are linking up with MelShay, and Sheaffer for their monthly link-up! These are the questions we'll be answering today, and to catch up on any of our other What's Up Wednesdays click HERE!

What we're eating this week...

On the first day of Fall, we ate White Chicken Chili. It's one of my favorite meals ever. I serve my WCC with nacho Doritos because the friend who gave me the recipe did, and it is perfection...especially in the fall!

What I'm reminiscing about...

These boys finish their first 9 weeks of this school year this week, and I just cannot believe it! Next time I blink, I'm sure it'll be Christmas Break!

What I'm loving...

My Matilda Jane blanket got here, and it is the comfiest blanket ever!
It's so, so pretty too!

What we've been up to...

I shared YESTERDAY about our weekend, and it was full of birthdays, pageants, football, volleyball, and church!
A little blip of the pictures from yesterday's post!

What I'm dreading...

Taking all three kiddos to get their flu shots this month!
I've already promised them ice cream after the appointment!
Please over look the terrible, horrible grammar!! 
But, can I get a witness?!

What I'm working on...

Finishing up this volleyball season. 
Districts start tomorrow for our Freshman team. JV districts are this Saturday, and Varsity is next week!
Then I have to finish planning our family pictures. The last time we had family pictures made, Nataleigh was 5 days old. This mama needs these new pictures asap!

What I'm excited about...

Basketball season. I've mentioned it before that we are huge sports fans here in the Hensley house, and shortly after volleyball season finishes, then basketball season for Joe starts. The boys and I love going to the games & cheering loudly, and Nataleigh loves "Girls Night" with Nana!
Also, since volleyball has been going on, I've not been able to take Nataleigh to dance class. I'm so excited to see my little dancer at class!
My little bun-head!

What I'm watching/reading...

A whole lotta Beauty & the Beast!
My girl is obsessed with Belle, and I love it because she was my favorite princess growing up!

What I'm listening to...

My volleyball girls sing this song on REPEAT, so now I do!

Nataleigh sings this version of Justin Beiber's "Love Yourself" all the time!

And it's too cute listening to her1
Stephen & Carson's favorite song...

What I'm wearing...

THIS Matilda Jane top!!
I'm wearing a medium, and there is plenty of room. It is made from super-soft material, and it's just so pretty & flattering too!
 My other 2 Matilda Jane pieces that I am IN. LOVE. WITH!
I'm wearing a medium in all of the pieces, and they fit perfectly!
I paired my outfit with these booties from JustFab for Senior Night on Monday!
The outfit got complete rave reviews!

What I'm doing this weekend...

JV Districts, Fall Bazaar @ church, and UT/UGA football!
The best fan base in college football head to Athens to hopefully come out with another W! I love being a VFL (Vol For Life) so very much!
Pray for my family at 3:30 Saturday!
I think I'll try to make THIS bread & slice it for the Bazaar.
and THIS one too. 
Something about Fall inspires me to fix different scrumptious breads!

What I'm looking forward to next month...

October is one of my favorite months. 
The leaves change, temperatures drop, and the kiddos have 10 days off for Fall Break!
I see sleeping in late & a little day trip or two in our future!

What else is new...

The new Matilda Jane release happens this week, and it is once again full of beautiful prints!
 These duffles are $25 if you spend $175, and how cute is that little reindeer?!
 This hoodie dress!!!
& Pajamas!!
If you want to place an order send your wish lists to 
Brittney Pearson TK# 1696
LaDonna Roberts TK# 3077

Bonus Question: Favorite Fall recipe...

Fall is all about soups, stews, chowders, and chilis. I already mentioned once in this post about my White Chicken Chili, but I also frequently fix regular chili too. 
I love anything that I can fix ahead, and throw in the crock pot.
THIS is my favorite chicken & corn chowder. I found it on Pinterest last year, and it is my favorite!!


  1. I have 3 boys and I wish they would watch "Beauty and the Beast" all the time! I have always loved that movie:)

    1. My boys (9 & 7) love it! Their favorite is Lumiere & Cogsworth, & they cannot stand Gaston!

  2. We are watching Beauty & the Beast at our house too! Those breads look amazing!! You clothes are super cute! I have heard of Matilda Jane so much lately! I need to check it out!

    1. Thanks!! & YES, check out MJ. The comfiest, most-flattering clothes

  3. Love your Matilda Jane top - and that white chicken chili.. yum!! That's on our list to make this week as well :) Your weekend plans sound like so much fun! Good luck with your bread for the Bazaar :)


    1. Thanks! It's my new fave. I'll let everyone know how yummy the breads are