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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Prayer for these Days...

It's no secret that these are turbulent days. 
It's an election year, and by American standards I could easily argue that this is the most embarrassing election year ever. Neither of our prime candidate options are truly fitting for the office of POTUS, yet Scriptures tells us not to worry & instead be fervent in prayer.

 Today, I want to take a brief moment, and pray for our nation as we embark on the journey of electing our next president. 

Today, I humble myself, and ask for direction. Direction during these turbulent days that we are in is desperately needed. We seek Your will alone, and Lord, we trust that Your plan is perfect regardless of what it seems. You are still on that throne regardless of who is or isn't elected. Lord, today I want to beg that Your church will be the Church during these days. May our words be sweet and gracious without hatred towards differences of opinions. May we show Your mercy, love, and grace to all. Instead of listening just to get offended, show us the hurts of people who disagree with us. Let us not be worried or anxious. Lead us by those still waters, Lord. We pray for the leaders of this nation, and those that You entrust with it's cares. Lord, keep us safe and diligent in the works that You have for us. May we continue to be encouraged and encouraging to others. Gracious Father, when days seem more chaotic, may we turn solely to You for that sweet peace that passes all understand. God, You are so, so good, and You alone work all things together for our good! Guide our decisions, Father, we pray!

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