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Monday, October 24, 2016

About this Weekend....

Okay, I feel like I say it almost every, single Monday, but we had such a great weekend.
Perfect Fall weather, finally.
Tons & tons of family time.
And even a whole bunch of friends time too!
After this weekend, this is the current status of my life..except it may be closer to 60% coffee & 40% dry shampoo!


A couple of weeks ago, I decided to plan a Girl's Night for my mama & me, and it did not disappoint at all! Before Girl's Night could start, Nataleigh & I had a fun little SnapChat photo session while waiting on Joe to pick her up!
And I have no words for this next video...

This song + this filter = so much fun!
We went for dinner at The Label Restaurant. Seriously, click that link & check out that scrumptious menu. It is the cutest little hot-spot in the downtown section of Johnson City, and it was so good. 1 Dynamite roll & an order of hand-cut garlic fries!
& like any good blogger, I forgot to snap a single picture @ dinner. 
After dinner, I scheduled for us to take this painting class.
It was so stinking hard.
 Before the class with my mama!!
 This background was the easiest part of the class!
 Almost done...
 Nana with her creation!
Me with my picture!
I really love it, and I cannot wait until we take another class.
We are already scouting November's Calendar!
So funny story...
I grabbed 2 seats/easels in the middle at the front, so we were front & center the entire class. 
My mama was so stinking funny the entire class.
She even spilled her brushes and cup of water.
Y'all she had to clean it up, and the instructor thought 3 paper towels would be enough.


And all Tennessee fans thanked God for BYE weeks!
We started our Saturday with a basketball tryout for our big boy!
 The only smile I could have gotten out of him because basketball studs don't smile in pictures!
Apparently this is what ballers do?!
While he was at try-outs, my favorite girl snuggled on the couch with me watching Premier League Football. (Go Chelsea)
We also played on SnapChat again, because that's what we do!

Then we all worked & got the house cleaned, and then headed to one of our favorite friends' birthday parties!
 Oh my heart!!
 Basketball and trampolines make these two boys happy!
Clearly Cooper & Bennett's birthday party was too much fun because this boy was not happy to leave! And can you see all that icing all over his shirt & face?!
Boys will be boys!
While we birthday partied, my dad kept Nataleigh for us. They hit up some of her favorite spots...Warrior's Path playground, Target, and Chick-Fil-A!
I ended Saturday night snuggled up in the bed watching one of my all-time favorite movies..
 The Princess Diaries!
Obviously, by this point, my husband was snoring away, so mama enjoyed this classic!


 We woke up to gloriously chilly temperatures, and my Fall-loving heart couldn't be more excited!
 Typical Sunday before church picture of my favorite kiddos ever!
My hubby is currently working through the book of James on Sunday mornings, and these messages are so good. I mean, I know I am so partial, but the way Joe simply walks through the Scriptures allows us to actually see and hear God's beautiful words just unfold. It is such a huge blessing to be married to the best preacher ever!
After church, Nataleigh & I busted it to a local Fall favorite place...Fender's Farm. They have literally just about everything for a perfect family afternoon. We met up with our Cinderella friends. I'm going to share my favorite picture of the day, and I'll share more about our fun tomorrow! 
I snapped a ton of pictures!
My heart may have skipped a couple of beats! 
I love my itty bitty princess!
Every Sunday night ends with us all feeling this way...

Happy Monday from the Hensleys!

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