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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Childlike Faith

Jesus says in Matthew 18:3, "Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven." A few weeks ago Joe preached on this verse at church. I've always heard of "childlike faith," but what exactly is that?! It hit me the other night while Nataleigh was blessing her food exactly what He means. We encourage each of our children to pray before meals and before bed, but they are little. By God's precious grace, their needs are met, so they really have very few cares in this world. Their prayers aren't these lofty prayers full of the cares and concerns of the world. They aren't the deep theological prayers. They are, however, beautifully humble prayers from children who confidently know that God will meet their needs & most of their wants. 
The other night Nataleigh had her eyes tightly shut, hands folded, and head bowed begging God to make her 'alfredo healthy & her tummy full.' It reminded me of Jesus teaching us in the Model Prayer to ask for "our daily bread." She basically just asked for God to use this meal that He ultimately provided to bless her body. That same night, like most nights, she began her bedtime prayer, and y'all I want to preface this with that Joe & I do not teach our kids or believe in the Prosperity Gospel. We aren't big fans of 'asking, believing, and receiving.' Yet our daughter prays these kinds of prayers. Every night she prays for the same things, and it is so adorable. I wrote down her prayer, and I just have to share it.
Oh my heart just might explode. 
She begins her prayer by thanking God, and then asking His protection for the people & pets she loves most. Then she begins on her "needs." These needs aren't needs, but they remind me of God's absolute goodness & precious grace. She doesn't lack food, water, shelter, love, etc.. She's always know love and affection and attention. All of her basic needs have been met, and even though this blesses my heart so very much, it also however reminds me that every child isn't this lucky. Today, I challenge you to pray for those children that have never known a parent's love. I pray that you intentionally set out to pray for children at your school that may not always have food, water, or other essentials. Let us be His hands and feet, and take love to those who are hurting.
May God be glorified!

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