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Friday, October 7, 2016


Well, people...here we are!
We made it through the first 9 weeks of school for the boys, and as a reward, we get Fall Break for 11 days (including the weekends)! My kiddos are excited one minute, and then they are ready to pull each other's hair out the next. Honestly, I'm excited about not having to be out the door by 8:00 every day, and I can't wait to spend those days with my 3 favorite people!

Let's get right into my 5 Favorites for this week...


We had Parent-Teacher Conferences this week @ the boys' schools, and I've mentioned it before that 3rd grade math is just kicking our butts. Also, Carson isn't the most motivated reader, but hopefully he's turning that corner. Both meetings went excellent. No concerns right now for either boy, so that was a big win! Also their teachers only had super great things to say about our boys. My favorite part of the conferences was seeing a couple of pieces of work hanging on the walls of fame! 
 If Carson was a scarecrow...
Stephen created a new plant, and he made a diorama!
We are so thankful and so blessed to be in the school & the classes that we are in. One 9 weeks down, three to go!


Post-season baseball. 
My hubby and I are HUGE Red Sox fans, and we are raising 3 Yankees fans. God has such a funny sense of humor. Anyways, Joe & I get to gloat a little because the Sox are still playing, and the Yanks are at home!


I upgraded & downsized all at the same time. 
My iPhone 6+ got traded in for this new iPhone7 (rose gold), and so far I love it.
Another favorite is this new case that I grabbed myself!
Kate Spade + Chevron + Glitter


THESE shoes!!
I grabbed these this week @ Target, and guess what?! They're on sale online.
I am loving the Leopard & the Burgundy colors too! 
Stock up now while they are $13.59!!
Other shoes from Target I'm eyeing are THESE
in Grey!!
oh my heart!!


This note. These 5 points.
Right now life is good, but life isn't easy. I'm so thankful for the relationship with Christ that I have. I am grounded in Him, and He sometimes He speaks so loudly to me that I just have to jot it down. These 5 points were loud and clear this week!
1. Satan's attacks are calculated. 
[He uses the same attacks. He divides & separates us from others who love Christ.] 
2. Even if we feel over-looked, God chose us
[He sought me because He loved me. No amount of earthly disappointments can ever compare to the eternal joy that God chose me!]
3. Marriage is God-honoring, not self-serving.
4. He has a plan.
[This week has had me extra anxious, and God knows the details. This week my grandfather patted me on the should and said, "My little flower. God has a plan." He referred to me as 'flower' because I was being like the flower the Impatients.]
5. People change. God's Word doesn't.
[Lately I've been disappointed and discouraged, but I am reassured by yesterday's verse of the day from 2 Thessalonians 3:5. We must look to Him & His Word for direction, not people who often change their stances and ideas. He alone is our constant.]

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  1. I love your Fall Break image!! Luckily we do not have Fall Break at our school. I feel your pain with 3rd grade math. I seriously want to poke my eyes out every week or drink an entire bottle of wine. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad I'm not alone with 3rd grade math. Cheers!!

  2. Too funny about your Yankee fans :) Love your new phone and case!


    1. OY...Those Yankee fans in my family are lucky that they are so adorable! Hope your weekend was wonderful.