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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Let's Talk: Halloween Edition

Today we are linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and we are supposed to share a scary story. We don't do scary very well. We don't like scary movies, haunted houses, etc., so instead I wanted to share one of the cutest traditions that we have at Halloween. 
I'm blessed with family that loves, loves, loves my kiddos, and my in-laws love taking our babies shopping for Halloween costumes. It's not something I love doing just because I like the idea of coordinating outfits, but they are such individuals that it works best for all if I don't go & over plan Halloween. The kiddos seem to pick out very similar outfits from year to year, but it is a little something that makes their Halloween so much fun! 

::last year's costumes::

 my crew
 A cowboy's sweetheart 
 Some scary, ghoulish creature!
And my favorite Pirate Carson. 

::this year's costumes::

 Ninja Carson
Princess Nataleigh...
Because she doesn't have any crowns or anything! 
Phantom Stephen!

My kiddos love picking out their costumes all on their own, and it makes Halloween so much easier on this mama. I love seeing the little differences in their precious personalities. I know that Carson will pick an outfit that has a lot of "stuff." Stephen will pick something with a scary mask that lights up. And Nataleigh will pick something super girly just like her! 
I had these plans of cute family costumes, but these are just so much better!


  1. The ghoulish costume and the phantom are so creepy!! Love the kids choices :)


    1. Thanks, & Stephen is the most scared of scary things..especially costumes! Ha!