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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Real Repentance

I truly believe there is more to repentance than simply asking forgiveness. I would say that asking for forgiveness is definitely an aspect of repentance. Asking for forgiveness is usually where most people stop. It is my desire today to move you past this false idea. 

True biblical repentance means, "to turn from."  You can ask for forgiveness without actually turning from your sin. This takes place when you are simply going through the religious ritual of confessing your sin, yet you are not truly sorry for what you have done. If you aren't actually sorry for your sin, you will never experience true biblical forgiveness. 

Here's a sobering thought, God knows exactly your motive in asking forgiveness. He knows whether or not you and I are truly sorry for our sins. He knows whether or not we are just going through the religious ritual because that's what we are supposed to do. God does promise, in the Scriptures, that He will forgive our sins, however, that is contingent upon our sincere repentance. 

I have learned, through my failures, that the only tangible evidence of biblical repentance is changed behavior. If I ask forgiveness for the same thing continually, that is proof I'm not willing to truly turn from that sin. No matter how hard it may be, true repentance leads to changed behavior. I will give you a fictional situation to explain my point. If I was a physically abusive husband to Brittany, (I AM NOT -  REMEMBER THIS IS FICTIONAL) and every time I abused her I asked for her forgiveness, yet I never stopped abusing her; do you think she would truly believe I was sorry for my actions? NO CHANCE!!! Proof of repentance is changed behavior. 

If you are constantly asking for forgiveness  for the same thing, that is a fool-proof sign you aren't truly sorry. I challenge you the next time you confess your sins to search your heart as to how sorry you are for your sins. That will be a litmus test for you. 

Failures in this life are inevitable no matter how hard we try, however, that doesn't mean we have to live in that failure. Sincerely confess your sin, and allow God to change your behavior through His Spirit. It is then you will truly experience God's wonderful forgiveness. 

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