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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

STRANDED: Candy Edition

Today we are linking up with Shay & Erika for another fun edition of STRANDED!
This month we are sharing our favorite, must-have candies if we were stranded on a deserted island!
I'm not the biggest fan of candy per-say, but whenever I got to the movies these are my must-haves.



There is absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing better than watching a movie with buttery popcorn & balancing it out with the Bunch-A-Crunch kernels! They are chocolatey, crunchy deliciousness, and I can't help myself.


Milk Duds

Another movie theatre must-have for me! 
I love chocolate, and I love caramel. If you put them together, the I can make a fool of myself!


Trader Joe's Chocolate!
My go-to candy...always! 
The first bar is my absolute favorite, ever!!!
Dark Chocolate bar with caramel & black sea salt. 
Yes ma'am! 

Funny story:
A few Valentine's Days ago, (we aren't huge Valentine's Day celebrators for several reasons) Joe and I went out to dinner & then stopped by TJ's to pick up my Valentine's chocolates. These are the candies I picked out for myself. I mean, y'all can keep your Godiva, etc. Just give me all the TJ chocolates. 
Another sweet story is that a sweet lady from our previous church would always sneak 1 or 2 of the dark chocolate caramel wedges in my bag @ church. She knew they were my favorites, and she was so kind enough to grab me one. 
Love sweet people that God sends us!

Clearly I have a love relationship with chocolate, and I'm not quitting it anytime soon. 
I end this with a few of my favorite chocolate funnies...
Can I get a witness?!

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