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Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Rewind

About this weekend...
Oh my goodness y'all!!
It was such a crazy weekend, so let's get right into it.
First things first....


Friday was such a busy day, but it was full of fun & running around a little crazy!
We started Friday off at the allergist's office for a follow-up appointment. 
Carson's pretty much allergic to everything that grows, and he's been taking shots now for about 4 months. The doctor said that he is the poster child for successful shots. He is doing great, and we couldn't be prouder of this brave boy!
 After dropping Carson back off at school, Nataleigh and I hung out with some of our friends while trying on the latest Matilda Jane release! She loves all of the hoodies that come with this new release!
And the pajamas are amazing! 
She was more interested playing with the computer, but she didn't want to take the gown off! 
You all need to snag some of these pjs before they're gone!
 Oh my cute girl! 
We found these socks @ Target, and Nat is obsessed!

This mama had her last practice of the season with my JV team, and it was so silly & fun! While at practice, Joe's dad offered to take all the kids for a fun, little weekend in Asheville, so Joe & I took advantage of a date night!
 My man!!
 Our sushi spot!
Spicy crab & spicy tuna rolls for me, and a bunch of others for Joe!
Then we hit up the movie theaters, and it was a blast!
The man behind us was all about photobombing our snap, so we just included him in our picture!
No shame in our selfie game!
We saw the Magnificent 7, and it was so good.
Perfect action-packed Western, and it stars one of the best actors ever...DENZEL!!


Saturday started with my JV Districts, and we played well. It was a long season, but we had some successes. The girls grew a lot, and they improved so much!
After the tournament, Joe & I hit up Old Navy because Fall temperatures have finally arrived here in Tennessee, and apparently our boys have out-grown everything. Jeans & pants were on sale for the boys, and we had to get them long-sleeved tees for this upcoming basketball season. 
I mentioned Wednesday that my Vols were traveling to Athens, GA to take on the UGA Bulldogs, and it was one heck of an intense game!
 How we watch football....
Joe does sets of step-ups, calf raises, and crunches for 2 minutes spurts, and I snuggle on the couch with my favorite blanket. We both yell ferociously at the tv because we know Butch Jones can hear us!
And y'all.....
WE WON!! We won in the most incredible of ways. We threw a 43-yard Hail Mary pass to win the game. We played poorly for the majority of the game, and I even said that I felt like we would be stealing the game. We still, however, won! We beat one of our biggest conference rivals, and it feels great to be 5-0!!

If you missed the amazing play, here it is!


Sunday, at church you would have sworn we were at a Catholic Church with all the Hail Mary talk! We still are on cloud 9 after that amazing win!
Just my man and me on the way to church!!
One of our Sunday School teachers made these awesome peanut butter cookies with chocolate frosting, and she sat them in front of my seat. I mean, a dessert-lover like myself can only resist temptation for so long!
Thanks Hannah!

We met Mimi & Popeye after church to grab the kiddos, and apparently Mimi & Nat had a girls' shopping day. 
 This is such a cute, Fall outfit!
I found the boots at Old Navy Saturday while shopping for the boys, and I couldn't say 'no' to these!
I mean, I know I'm partial, but she's just so gorgeous!
I thought it was so funny that Nataleigh thought that her Baby Anna doll needed to sit in her daddy's pastor's seat! Nataleigh is such a baby fan, and at least one doll always goes with us!

We are ending this crazy, busy weekend relaxing on the couch with each other & Sunday Night Football!


  1. My oldest son is allergic to peanut butter so if those cookies were in front of me the entire container would be gone in a snap. I love pb. The temptation is real. www.toddlersarenoteasy.blogspot.com

    1. Oh man!! That is no good. Thankfully we don't have any food allergies that have popped up yet. I was just happy that I waited until after the Sunday school lesson was over before I grabbed one!