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Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Hey there, Monday!!
You got here so fast.
This weekend was super fun. We hung out with friends, family, and each other all weekend, and it was a blast! Prepare yourself for a photo-overload!
Let's get right into the rewind...


After spending the morning cleaning up and finishing the laundry, Joe, the kiddos, and I took quick trip to Pigeon Forge to hit up the outlets. The boys have out-grown just about everything, so we started the process of changing out their closets, and this mama loves a good outlet. The outlets in Pigeon Forge, TN are just about the best ever.
 A quick picture of my three before we busted it out of here!
And if you follow me on Snapchat (britthensley), you kept up with our adventures which included several videos of the kiddos jamming to the radio. Their dance moves are kinda major!!
We ran into several of our friends who are also on Fall Break 2016 there, and of course these boys can have a 'ball' in the Nike store! 
When your parents leave during nap time, and you skip your nap, you crash hard in the stroller. She napped the entire time we shopped which was not a horrible thing!
..Boom shaka laka..
Those mommy hooks are the bomb.com, and every mama needs one!!
 Dinner @ one of our favorite wing spots with some of our favorite friends!
Luke & Ally are just precious, and my children think that they are the coolest.
...Speaking of cool...
I mean, the mamas needed a selfie too. 
Quick note...
The camera on the new iPhone is incredible.
Snatched these beauts @ the Gap store, and let me just tell ya, they are beyond comfortable!
I snapped this, and only Stephen was asleep at the time. Shortly after this picture, all three of these sweet babies were gone. We slap-wore them out, and it made for a peaceful ride home with my love!


Football, fun, family, friends, & food are just a few of the words that describe this day, and it was 7 more points away from perfection!
 These two sweet friends enjoyed a girls afternoon at the Coffee Company in Elizabethan & then the Miss Watauga Valley Pageant.
Ruthie is one of our favorite friends, and this was such a fun, girly day with some of our favorites!

The food:

::warm brie with raspberry & crusty bread::
 ::grilled chicken tender salad::
and this,
::white chocolate mocha::
 This sweet girl loved, loved, loved herself the hot cocoa!

On to the pageant...

 Clearly the entertainment was too loud!
 This sassy bug went up on stage with one of her favorite princess and showed everyone just how fabulous she is. Whatever "it" is, this girl has IT!
 I'm so proud to be her mama!
And then about 20 minutes later, she crashed. 
We were lucky enough to have 2 super special family members surprise us for a little fun this weekend. That pesky Hurricane Matthew diverted my cousin Jenny & her daughter Katelynn swung up here from Florida, and we had a blast. They experienced watching the UT football game with us, and we are deeply sorry! 
Well, our lucky streak ended Saturday night. 
We fought to the end & forced double overtime. 
I just love this never-give up attitude that this team has adopted. 
They may give me a heart attack this season, but they will fight to the death!
We needed some comfort food STAT!
 Pumpkin spice pancakes from Cracker Barrel for the dinner win.
Carson & Nataleigh shared this sweet dinner with me!
And who doesn't have a light shoot out in the toys section of Cracker Barrel.
Good country food for the dinner win!


 My people before church!!!
This cutie was just too darling before we left for the evening service Sunday night!
We were on our way to church when I got a message about a volleyball parent. She had a medical emergency, and she could use all of our prayers. Nat & I waited at Dunkin, so the boys could head on to church. Thankfully Nana swung through & took me home, so I could go wait with the family. While we waited on Nana, we played on Snapchat & with our DC Superhero Girls!
& wore our adorable sunnies inside because she's awesome like that!
We crammed a lot into this weekend, and I loved it so much. Please remember our volleyball parent and her precious family in youR prayers. 
God is so good!



  1. Wow...prayers sent up for the volleyball player and her family. I love the weekend in review!!! Keep up the great work.

  2. We had so much fun!! We definitely need to spend more time together!! Watching the game was great!! I can't wait to do it again, just with a little more time next time!! Love you!!

  3. We had so much fun!! We definitely need to spend more time together!! Watching the game was great!! I can't wait to do it again, just with a little more time next time!! Love you!!