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Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Rewind

You know how I know that it was a great weekend?!
Very, very few pictures were taken by any of us!
We enjoyed just being together, but we did snap a few.
They are good too!


I had myself a day. I enjoyed staying in my sweats all day watching reality tv & unwinding completely! It was lazy-day perfection (I did get laundry & dishes finished)!
We met my father-in-law for dinner in Erwin, which is kinda between Fairview & Jonesborough, and we grubbed on some of our Mexican favorites @ Los JalapeƱos!


We enjoyed everything except that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad football game!
UT got whooped by the Big Bad Bama, but honestly most Vols knew that we didn't stand a chance. Six key starters were out, but we definitely didn't expect that team to show up!
Other than football, the boys, Joe, & my grandfather went & enjoyed a round of golf!
I mean, precious, right?!
Nataleigh & I threw the deuces (eyeroll) & rocked our best orange!!
Wherever does she get so much sass?!
Someone wanted her hair rolled with sponge rollers, apples with caramel, and her sassy new pjs that Nana picked up for her!


Not a thing better than these three on Sunday before church!
Tutu dress + knee-high deer socks + big bow = perfection!
Often, these boys are only wearing Under Armor or Nike, but when they do dress up, I just get overwhelmed with pride. They are growing up into such sweet, handsome little men!!

Sunday, Hickory Tree Union Church showered us with so much love & support. Those who know our struggles and what we've faced in our ministry know that this life isn't easy, but they also know it is such a meaningful life. God is so good & so gracious. He provided us with such a wonderful church that loves us & supports us whole-heartedly! There are no hidden agendas or power struggles, and we know how blessed we are. Pray for your pastor & his family. Very few know the struggles that man & his family face every day. Support him & love him unconditionally. Don't only support or like him when it's convenient for you or your agenda. 

Have a great week, & let us know how we can pray for you!

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