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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Hey, hey, hey...
What's UP, Wednesday!
Today we are linking up with MelShay, & Sheaffer for their monthly link-up!
Here are the questions, like always, that we are answering!

What we're eating this week...

This has been a week of salads, so far!
My mom's chicken salad. 
I began eating chicken salad with ruffle chips the summer I worked at the country club's pool. It was the perfect lunch, and I just never stopped!

This is the recipe she got from a co-worker several years ago, and the only difference in mine is that I roast my chicken, and I don't add pecans!
And on Tuesday we enjoyed THIS Taco Salad!

What I'm reminiscing about...

Last year's basketball season! 
I cannot wait for this season to start up. My boys love, love, love to head to the gym with Joe & hang out with the guys! It's such a family at Tennessee High!

What I'm loving...

 These temperatures, and....
these trees!
We literally live in the most beautiful part of the country, and that's especially true right now! The Smoky Mountains are just stunning, and I cannot imagine Fall elsewhere!

What we've been up to...

Lots & lots, and it's about to be even more hectic!
On Mondays we dance..
and y'all, her class is the cutest little thing ever!
And basketball is getting ready to start for all 3 of the Hensley boys!
Our family is slightly competitive, so this is our time of the year!
This was Carson last year!!
{heart eyes}

What I'm dreading...

Not a dang thing!
Life is so good, and it's going to get even better!

What I'm working on...

Christmas Lists!!
We originally planned on talking to Santa about the boys getting a couple of laptops, but my mommy-mind cannot get peace with it. Joe & I are looking more into an experience-type of gift for the boys!
Nataleigh's list is the easiest.
And these are just 2 of the things on my little prissy girl's list! 

What I'm excited about...

I feel like I say it every time, but the new Matilda Jane release is next week. We've only gotten a few sneaks, but they have stockings and a tree skirt!
Oh my heart!!

What I'm watching/reading...

I mean, can you handle the drama?!
As a fan of a former cursed team, it is so cool to see the Cubs finally make it to the World Series.
Also, both clubhouses are loaded with former Red Sox, so it's fun to cheer for some of our former favorites!
ESPN shared this on Twitter, and I laughed so hard. 
So, can the Cubbies do it?!
Can they burst this curse?!

What I'm listening to...

so much good!!!

What I'm wearing...

I shared a few weeks ago a few of my favorite Fall outfits HERE, and I'm basically wearing these out! It's been quite chilly here lately in the mornings, so I've also happily pulled out my favorite hoodies & leggings!

What I'm doing this weekend...

Nataleigh has a pageant. 
The Vols play the Gamecocks.
And Trick-Or-Treating with the best kiddos & our friends & family!
And fingers crossed that we might be able to sneak a date in this weekend!

What I'm looking forward to next month...

I love nothing better than sitting with my extended family and thinking about how enormously blessed I am!
Thanksgiving 2015!

What else is new...

I shared these last week, and I just cannot stop smiling. I just love these sweet little boys so much. I've pinned a couple of ideas on my PROJECTS TO DO board for making some super cute frames!

Favorite Halloween memory/picture...

This was last year's picture, and I literally cannot wait until this weekend to snap a new one of these 3! 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Your trees are beautiful!! Ours are changing here too and I can't get enough of it! So excited for Thanksgiving too!


    1. Oh I love it here in the Fall! Checking your post out now.