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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

...3 Things...

I've done a couple of these posts before, and they are some of my favorites!
Sharing with you all about my favorite people just never gets old.
Here  is the last time that I did one of these posts!


1. He is so dang handsome! :) He's been working out every single morning to get fit, and I couldn't be prouder of the example he sets for our boys! They want to be just like him!
2. He sends us a video every. single. morning. These videos are the kiddos favorite part of the get-ready routine!
3. He's been on fire preaching lately. I love, love, love his sermons. They are a combo of passion & intelligence, and they minister so much to me. I've shared a couple of my sermon notes on Instagram here, and on SnapChat (britthensley) as well.
Best preacher!!


1. I have recovered from volleyball season, and I feel like I've finally gotten my SAHM-mojo back! I'm a grocery-grabbing, minivan-moving mama again, and I love it!
2. This time of the year is my favorite. We have so much planned for the next several weeks, and as our children get older, it is getting more and more fun to plan outings & adventures!
3. The past couple of years have been trying for me and my family, and even though I still struggle with fears and insecurities, I know beyond a shadow of doubt that my roots in Christ have been strengthened. 


1. He is growing up so quickly, and it is completely breaking this mama's heart. Every single picture I snap of him, I notice more and more that this little boy of mine is growing and changing into such a handsome little man. 
2. Basketball season is gearing up for him. He recently made a travel ball team that his school sent info on, and he couldn't be more excited. 
3. I swear he is learning to love math more and more every day. He comes home excited to teach me about the associative property, multiplication tables, and how to find the perimeter and area of figures. 3rd grade math is no joke, but thankfully my boy is interested in it!


1. He is Nataleigh's best friend & champion of everything! She literally thinks that he hung the moon, and he revels in the fact that he's her superstar.
2. He is turning that corner in reading. He recently moved up a level in the Accelerated Reader program, and he couldn't be more excited. Every day he brings home a new book with new challenges, and he crushes them!
3. The child has a heart as big and deep as the ocean. If he thinks for just a second that he has disappointed or hurt you, unintentionally, then his big brown eyes well up with tears, and he has to make it right immediately!


1. Oh this sassy girl has been counting down the days until her birthday. Her birthday is January 2, and if you don't know that already, then you will within 2 minutes of talking with her. She knows her birthday is just after "Jesus' birthday!"
2. She is determined to marry Marshall Manning. & all Vol fans said, "AMEN!" She saw him on tv when Peyton was at the UT-Bama game, and she said, "Dat's my husband, you know Marshall Manning!" 
3. She is so happy that mommy is home now. While in volleyball season, this mama's girl temporarily became a daddy's girl. Well, all is right in the world, and she wants mama to do everything for and with her! 

I end this post with a pin that I found a few days ago that I want to use as our family motto/mantra. It is beautifully simple, and it is exactly the life I want us to live as well as teach our children to live!
I am so thankful for the people that God has entrusted me with until I am HOME!


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