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Monday, November 28, 2016

Let's Talk: Christmas Traditions

Today we are joining Andrea & Erika for their monthly chit chat session, and today we are sharing some of our favorite Christmas traditions!
{Truly, it's the most wonderful time of the year}

I'm pretty much a stickler with Christmas. We don't decorate or start really celebrating, with the exception of Christmas music in the car on Black Friday, until December. We always end up getting real trees, and I've just always started decorating in December. Call me a Grinch or whatever, but I just like Christmas for all of December! Here are some of my favorite things that we enjoy as a family, as well as a few that we are looking forward to and planning to add!

{Elf on the Shelf}

We are like nearly everyone else in America. We have elves, and they are just adorable. We named them after my great-grandmother's best friends from Austria, Hans & Gertie, and the kiddos LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!
 Hans & Gertie
 Hans decided to camp out in Santa's cup.
H&G always put out the kiddos stockings!
 How many parents out there know this feeling?!?!
I laughed entirely too much at this!!
So often I have #momfail moments, and I forget to move the elf. Thankfully Joe wakes up early, so he may just end up on Elf Patrol this year!

{Advent Calendars}

Okay besides the fact that these little things are stuffed with delicious chocolates, they also countdown to the best day ever!! I may or may not also buy myself one, just because!

{Family Time}

Christmas eve is normally spent with my family up at Jo Helen's house, and it normally involves lots of laughs, 'Bump Gift,' and someone inevitably getting their feelings hurt. It's always so much fun!!

This is terrible that this is the only photo I can find. That is also a great thing though. We have such a good time that we rarely have our phones out, and it's normally so crazy with kids, grandparents, and even a Santa sighting.
We have a relative who looks like Santa, so he happily dresses up and let's my kiddos tell him how great they've been all year!

On Christmas day we always go over the mountain to Asheville to see my in-laws!
It's always an adventure with this crew too. Someone is regularly offended, and the kids are normally jacked up (thanks Papaw) on sugar! It's loads of fun though. 
Both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we gather together and read the story of the first Christmas. It's just a great way to remind ourselves what Christ did for us!


There are some pretty classic movies that we try to watch every year, and these are a few of our favorites..
..Joe's favorite..
 Christmas Vacation

 Rudolph & all of the claymation classics

The original cartoon version of 
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Mama's favorite
Oh my stars!!!!

{New Traditions}

This year we are going to try to take the kiddos to see The Speedway in Lights.

A sweet, local church puts this on every year, and every year I say I want to go. Well this year we are going to do our best [around Joe's schedule] to check this out! 

..Family PJs..
We always grab the kiddos cute pjs, but this year I want us all to have new pjs. 
I'm loving these..
THIS for Nataleigh.
Oh em goodness!!
Cutest gingerbread man!!

I cannot wait to add these to our already fun, busy list. I love this time of year, and I cannot wait to see what everyone else shares!

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