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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Life Lately

Can y'all believe that it is November already?!
This year has flown by, and we are finally to my favorite time of the year!
Life around here has been crazy & so fun!
We've even had a few nights where mama has had to brush teeth while holding sleepy babies, and I am totally fine with that!

 Friday we took the kiddos to Tennessee High to watch their last regular season football game. 
 TN High has a really cool football stadium.
It's built to look like a Stone Castle, and it did not disappoint the kids!
Walking in!
 My crew (+our American Girl, Princess Buttercup) ready to go!
 Friday Night Lights!
The boys sat with one of their friends, so this girl enjoyed having us all to herself!
We left the game & busted it to get home because this girl had a pageant the next morning, and we had to get those curl formers in her hair!

pageant fun
Nataleigh competed in the Little Miss Southern Sparkle State Pageant!
She had an absolute blast!
Big shout-out to our friend, Sophie, for letting us borrow this gorgeous dress.
Nataleigh has hit a major growth spurt, and she's out-grown all of her dresses. 
She called this a 'barbie dress.'
This pageant also had an 'outfit of choice' competition too which was a Halloween costume competition. I thought she looked A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E as a little Vols cheerleader, and she had a blast. She even sang "Rocky Top!"
& she won!!
She won the best model & Wee Miss title, and she happily cheered & high-fived her friends on!
Super thanks to this sweet friend of mine who came with her daughter & nanny to cheer Nat on! Amanda, Ruthie, & Maggie thanks so, so much!
 My kiddos loved getting this sweet card from our favorite person, Lois!!

She is literally the sweetest person ever, and my family loves her so much!
Sunday, Nataleigh wore the sweetest dress that one of my best friends ever, ever let us have. 
Angel is one of those special kinds of friends who not only loves & fights for her friends, but she also will keep me in check. She is true-blue, absolutely no fake or phoniness about this girl, and I am so, so blessed & happy that she's in my life!
Speaking of Angel, this is her incredibly gorgeous little girl 4 years ago with Carson!
Oh my goodness!!
I swear I'm just so thankful that these two like each other enough to accept that their crazy mamas have already planned their wedding, and we are already hoarding the pictures for the slideshow.
Remember this picture?!
Oh how my heart just cannot take these two sweet boys growing up!
Halloween 2016
A ninja, a phantom, and a princess went out & tackled Trick-or-Treating like bosses!!
Favorite stop of the night was at my grandparents' house!
Where Jo Helen's farm is located, they don't get much Trick-or-Treat traffic, so when these three swing by, they make it a big deal! It is such a blessing having these precious memories with my babies and my loved ones!
Another friend of mine posted this on Instagram last week, and I just had to share it! 
If you needed some Monday Motivation on a Tuesday, well here ya go! This may or may not be my new life motto!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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