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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesdays: Lotto Edition

If I won the lotto....
We would start with tithing.
Joe & I practice biblical tithing, so we would give at least 10% to the church, and all God's people said...AMEN!
Then after we tithed appropriately, I would be packing our stuff and starting a traveling adventure. 
Our first stop would be...
 ...then London...
...& then Germany!!
When we need a break from world traveling, we would come back home to the land we want to buy to start our farm!! 
Yes! We want a farm with cows, chickens, horses, etc..
One of my dreams is to build a house, and my Pinterest is full of house plans. I just love looking at how house plans work, and the thought of seeing the drawings go from paper to site is just so interesting to me! I just love the idea of picking cabinets & flooring & windows out! 

Really, I just pray...

This was such a fun link-up with Andrea from momfessionals for her #showandtelltuesdays.


  1. I would go on an epic Girls Weekend trip to Disney World! It would be so much fun to get a super Disney VIP experience!

  2. Your post brought back fond memories of clipping house plans from the Sunday paper (I'm old, I used to actually subscribe to the paper version!). Isn't it fun to dream about such things?

    1. I used to cut out plans from Southern Living!! Love it!