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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend: Part 1

Last week was insane! 
We were here, there, and everywhere, so I thought it would be best to break our week-weekend up into two separate posts. 
We hope you all had a wonderful time with family, friends, and loved ones. We sure did, so here we go...


We were excited about the last day before Thanksgiving Break!!
After we dropped the boys off at school, Nat and I jetted over to Jo Helen's house to get her house decorated. Jo Helen, my precious grandmother, loves her house decorated for Christmas just before Thanksgiving. Nat and I love spending this sweet, quality time with my grandparents and her great-grandparents. We certainly don't take it for granted!
 I love her upstairs tree oh so much!
Gold & porcelain decorations make such an elegant tree!!
Then we spiced up her mantle a little.
I added those two little white trees along with some of her most adorable antique pieces! 
I just had to move around about a hundred pictures of her favorite grands & great-grands!!
The boys each brought home harvest goodies from their class, and attached to Stephen's was a sweet little personalized note from Ms. Osborne..
Y'all..this child has always had a larger-than-life personality, and he is just such a bright spot in every classroom! We are so blessed!


We were so excited to be out of school. 
Joe's team had practice, but we had planned all week to sneak the kiddos to the movies to see Moana!!
I'm such a sucker for any Disney movie!!
 She's in love with Moana, and it was such a funny movie!
We are movie-theatre fans for sure!!!
My kiddos all loved Moana. It was such a cute story full of adventures, laughs, and just breathtakingly beautiful images. At times I forgot it was an animated film. 
Before the movie got started, Disney shared the sweetest, most thoughtful short film.
It hit Joe & I like a ton of bricks, and it really made us check what we are living for. For a period of our lives, we prioritized work to the point of it crippling our family. Money and work are no longer things we will sacrifice each other for, and we are so much healthier and happier!

Then it was time to get curlers in & toenails painted because this little prissy thing wanted to dress up for Thanksgiving!

::Thanksgiving Thursday::

 Thankful for these 4!!!
 The Hensley 5!!
 Oh how they keep me on my toes!!
 My new favorite picture!!
All the heart eyes!!
I shared here last week what I was thankful for, and honestly it's this! The love and laughter that we share is beautiful, and it's priceless. Our family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I was just so overwhelmed with the love & support that we received! God is so good!!
I know it was a difficult day for some, especially for a few that are close to us. A fellow blogger shared this picture, and it reminded me to be thankful for what I have and to practice a little more grace even when it's not easy.

 Well, that was the first 3 days of our Thanksgiving. Tomorrow I'll share what all we did after Thanksgiving, and it was a lot!! 

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