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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend: Part 2

 I shared, YESTERDAY HERE the first 3 days of our Thanksgiving celebration, and today, I'm sharing the weekend portion. Shew..I still haven't completely recovered, I think. 


Joe's team played in Knoxville in a holiday basketball tournament, so I loaded the kiddos and the car to go watch, cheer, heckle the team and the ref. It was a blast!!
Knoxville will always be my first love, so I jumped at the chance to spend some QT there with my loved ones!
 The Vikings beat Central High School-Knoxville!!
 And we jetted to the hotel to get checked in.
While I unpacked & got everything settled, these three sat at the window waiting and watching for the bus to pull in with Joe!
 Next stop was the pool!!
They had a blast jumping, diving, and swimming for a bit!
 And I just hung out with my best friend!
This pool action had us wishing we were on island time, and this filter is life!!

We snuck off to the mall for dinner and Black Friday shopping/people watching, and I got suckered into going in the Disney store.
#oops #mybad
She loved this little tower changing room. She just felt like a little princess!
New toothbrushes!!
They wanted to "camp out" together in the bed while watching Despicable Me...
and before long, this was the view, so...
Mama hung out watching Despicable Me while Joe did room checks and other coach things!!

And he returned with cheesecake!!
 oh my heart!!!
Our version of quality time!!!


While her brothers snoozed & her daddy worked out, Nat and I played on SnapChat {britthensley}!
 This girl!!!
Happy morning girls!!
She's all mine, though, because as soon as Joe got back from the fitness center, she and I had to head down for waffles from the continental breakfast!
While Joe and the team watched film, the kiddos and I headed to my favorite place on earth.
The University of Tennessee!!
 Neyland Stadium
 Those little figures standing in the gates are my sweet babies, and they are just hanging out with General Neyland! 
 The Volunteer Statue!
 The Volunteer Creed:
"One that beareth a torch shadoweth oneself to give light to others."
 Climbing the steps at Ayers!!
Be still my heart!!!

After a mini-tour, we busted it across town for the last game of the tournament, and all three kiddos 'watched' the game very differently.
 Carson drew comic book pages. 
He's just so creative!!
Nataleigh's friend, Morgan, sat with us, and these two were just the cutest! They played princess, My Little Ponies, and then they gave everyone the cutest halftime show!
& this one sat pouting for the majority of the game. 
The Vikings are young this year, so we are going to experience some growing pains. He just doesn't like it!
We left Knoxville, and went straight to my grandparents' house to visit with them and my cousin and her sweet little family! It was loud and fun, just like it should be.


 Happy Sunday!!!
 Gas/Coffee stop next to these crazies!
And this boy finally pulled his own tooth. 
This tooth {eyeroll} refused to come out. We were at the point of calling the dentist, but this sweet boy ran upstairs proudly exclaiming that he pulled his own tooth!! 

We had a fabulous time spent with tons of friends, family, and loved ones, and it will go down as one of my favorite Thanksgivings. It was busy, but full of love!

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