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Thursday, November 10, 2016

...This Week...

This week has been crazy!
Life doesn't stop or slow down just because you need a vacation and a long nap!
I shared MONDAY that we ended our weekend with Stephen a little under the weather. Well since that sweet boy had a fever, he couldn't go to school, so he had to hang out with mama before and during her meeting! 
So we had to test out some Beats first, of course. 
These have made their way on his Christmas list, and why does he look so big?!
Monday's are also for dancing, and my little dancer loves, loves, loves DANCE!
Tuesday we started with a simple reminder that whatever happens with Election 2016 that God's got this! He had a divine plan for everything that went down!
The kids & Joe were out of school, so we had planned on having ourselves a good ole family fun day!
First stop:  Trolls
The cutest movie I've seen in forever, and I'm dying to buy the soundtrack!!
 My favorites just before showtime!
These three loved their candy & their recliners!
Our theatre is kinda the bomb dot com! You can reserve your seats online, and they are recliners!!
Nat had to get up and shimmy & shake at the end of this movie!
Seriously adorable movie alert!
We then had big plans for chilling at the house in our pjs watching election coverage, but this mama was too sick! I had been feeling sick for the majority of the day, but when it's family fun day, you suck it up until you can't any longer. 
Thankfully, I'm feeling much better, and the election is over. 
No more political ads, right?!
& just to give y'all a little giggle!!
Yesterday, I stayed in bed until the last possible moment, and then grabbed the boys from school!
 We worked on cursive, and then we had to jet to Nataleigh's second dance class of the week!
 Check out that adorable little girl!
Nataleigh is participating in the Miss Johnson City-Miss Jonesborough Iris Princess with her sweet friends. The girls will do a dance number to start the show, and there is just going to be so much fun with this group that I can hardly wait to share it! 
And I just had to share this, but I have to add that I am so spoiled. 
My sweet hubby picked up the slack while I've been down & out this week! What a precious God-send he is!! He went so above and beyond taking care of me and the kids and the house, and I just want to publicly thank him for everything he does. 

Happy Thursday, y'all!

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