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Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

Okay, so on Friday, I remember being so over-whelmed by our schedule for the weekend, and God just said, "No. Nope. Rest!" Boy did He ever change our plans.

Friday, Nataleigh had Iris Princess practice with her friends. 
She was whiny & just not her spunky self, so I should have known something was up then. I truly just thought she was exhausted because of the time change & her extra early mornings.
Even though she had something brewing, she looked AH-dorable at dance practice!
She was so, so proud of this outfit that she put together by herself!

Saturday was going to be crazy, like super crazy. Nataleigh was practicing in the Tri-Cities Cinderella  pageant because as a title holder, she can only practice. She just got sicker and sicker as the day progressed, and very few pictures were taken by us.

She tried and tried, but eventually she just got too sick. We ended up at the Urgent Care connected to our pediatrician's office, and she was diagnosed with bronchitis.
During all of this hullaballoo, the boys were cheering & rooting Stephen on as he and his team, the Swarm, were playing in their very first tournament. My boy played some mad defense, and he needs to work on passing a little. ;)
I wish I had pictures to share, but Jojo doesn't like to take pictures, apparently!

Sunday was definitely the day of rest for us!
 We rested & rested....
& played on SnapChat while resting some more!
Staying in our pjs all day while taking breathing treatments and medicines was just what the doctor, or awesome Nurse Practitioner, order. Quick story:  While at Urgent Care, the NPR on call was a sweet friend of mine from high school. I knew Nat was getting the best care!
We were supposed to go to our Friends-giving celebration with our friends, but ya know, bronchitis. Thankfully our friend Sarah said that Carson could still come over for a while. He was thrilled, and he had an absolute ball!
This boy was ready for friends time with Cooper & Bennett!!
Thanks Sarah & Bucky for being such good friends & loving our boy.
While he dined with his buddies, I made these for Nataleigh & me, and they were so good!
These Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes were so good & so easy!
And after a weekend like our's, I just kinda feel like...
Lucy knows what she's talking about!!
But really, after my little pity party, I just know that God wanted us to slow down this weekend, and He sure did make us slow down.

Happy Monday!
Let's go tackle this week!

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