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Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

Another weekend full of so much fun.
We made so many memories this weekend, and the timing is perfect! This week we celebrate Thanksgiving, and this past weekend reminded me so often that I have so much to be thankful for!
And boy oh boy, am I so happy!


So Friday was a typically busy day for all of us. Joe had school & practice. 
This sweet boy had big plans to go over to a friend's house after school. Lord knows that the boys' and Nat establishing healthy, Christian friendships has been a priority in my prayer life, and God is so, so good! When He pruned those friendships from not only my life, but also from my kids' lives, He has shown out in a big way with their new friends. I got a text from Carson's buddy's mom that the boys were taking turns reading the Bible on the way home from school!
There is nothing better than friends that help your walk with Christ!
 So since Carson had big plans, I let Stephen slide out of school a little early.
First stop was the mall for a snack (Great American Cookie Company for the win)!
Law, he's handsome!!
He loved it. He said that he was needing just a day off because you know, third grade is so hard!
I'm so glad I let him skip the afternoon portion of his day because the child was such a precious, supportive big brother later on Friday!

I mentioned last week that Nataleigh was participating in the Iris Princess Program with Miss Johnson City-Miss Historic Jonesborough Pageant. She worked her butt off practicing & practicing the opening number, and this mama worked hard figuring her wardrobe out. 
Y'all...she was PRECIOUS!
Friday night was dress rehearsal, and it was extra special because Miss Tennessee Grace Burgess was with the girls. 
This was the cutest dance ever!!
She was the Iris Princess for her most favorite princess ever, Whitney Shelton, and she was actually crowned by Miss TN!
She hung out backstage with another one of her favorites, Hannah Everhart, Miss Greene County 2017!
Silly faces with Grace!
This! Oh em gee!!
Grace made it a point to get on the little girls' level. Nat felt oh so special after telling Grace story after story!


Was BUSY!!
We started at basketball. Practice & scrimmage for Carson & Team Flash, and TN High had another game (a Win) in the Hall of Champions!
 He was tired!!
And this mama soaked it up!
Our friend Nikki, Caroline's mama, arranged for the girls to eat dinner together before hand at the Black Olive..oh my goodness! 
Loving on Amy, our Princess coordinator!
(zoom in on Nat & Brooklyn & your heart may melt)
These 8 were ready to rock the stage!
I zoomed in on Nat...you're welcome!

oh this dance!!!
 We changed in our white princess dress for evening gown!
All the heart eyes!!
 Y'all my baby girl won People's Choice Award!
We were so shocked, and she soaked up every moment on stage!
& made friends with the emcee's daughter, Morgan. The emcee works with Joe, and we just love Ms. Mitchell!!
No words!!
It was truly a magical night. 
Our favorite princess won the highest title of Miss Johnson City, and we couldn't be happier!
Whit, you're going to Jackson, baby!!


Somehow we woke up after a super late Saturday night + NyQuil. 
Big shout-out to Caroline for dressing us this morning! 
Nat also smelled like Caroline thanks to Nikki helping me start my oil journey!
#DoTerra #OnGuard

We were so thankful that we got to see my hilarious, loud cousins from Tampa, FL that are up here hunting during Thanksgiving break. It was a blast catching up and meeting the newest bonuses! No pictures were taken because we were actually enjoy family time & roasting each other!
I ended the weekend watching Survivor Series in bed while working on this post. I'm just so thankful for the wonderful memories made with friends, family, and loved ones!

Check back tomorrow as we link-up with our blogging buddies & share 4 holiday gifts we'd like to receive!

Happy Monday!

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