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Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up//Life Lately

Life has been hectic & busy, and this past weekend was no exception.
We were, however, thankful for some moments of R & R!


I'm starting this post back at last Thursday because the boys' school hosted a super fun night, and I just had to share about it a little.

Night @ the View

 The faculty dressed up as characters from the Night @ the Museum movie, and they stayed in character the entire night...especially the raptor!
 Bright's Zoo brought some pretty cool reptile friends!
 They knew the way to this mama's heart by setting up this cool photo spot with props!
 hieroglyph fun!
 cave drawing stations down the hallways
 The night allowed the staff to showcase some pretty cool technology that my sweet boys love using in their classrooms, like these touch boards!!
 Gotta love learning!
 Even Nataleigh had a blast...especially at the Lego station!
 Some of our favorite friends matching in their Matilda Jane!!
 And oh my heart...
These two held hands the entire night. They were determined to stay together!!
We appreciate all the hard work that the school, Bright's Zoo, & Hands On put into a fabulous night full of learning & fun!


Friday was happily a pretty low-key day. 
I got the house pretty cleaned, ran a few errands, and then Carson had his first basketball practice of the season!
Be still my heart.
He looks as though he's grown a foot, & mama's heart is breaking!
& we celebrated a good hair day! 


What we lacked in busyness we sure made up for on Saturday!
Saturday started with Joe & Stephen heading to Viking Hall for the high school basketball practice, and Nat & I took Carson to his second practice of the season!

Go Flash Go!!
She was just the cutest little thing, and can you see that frost in the field behind our house?!
Holey Moley I needed the defrost for the first time this year!
The littles & I then headed to Hobby Lobby because I'm needing a wreath for the door. Well we didn't find anything I wanted, but we did find a few other craft options!
 Plain frames + chalk board paint 
 2 coats later
& the mantle looks so cute! 
I didn't have any chalk on hand, but I'm planning on writing the grade for each boys' school picture!
Craft project #2!
Baseball tee + 'hoops' iron-on appliqué = adorable shirt for a little sister to sport this basketball season!
One of my favorite parts of this season is the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, & Hobby Lobby has made it so easy for you. They have provided boxes, and they have carefully marked their store with gift idea spots! I cannot wait to come back here as a family & fill our boxes!
I ended Saturday night running pizza to my grandparents, and I fully enjoyed sitting around their table chit-chatting with them by myself. I'm so thankful for these moments that I'll cherish for a lifetime! No makeup means the black & white filter!


....Easy like Sunday morning....
We were so thankful to look out in the pews and see some of our sweet members from our previous church. Big thank you to Christ & Medena for surprising Joe & for all of your support. You mean so much to our family!
& the sermon was great! 
We had a great time in Sunday School with the teens & discussing the Protestant Reformation. We are blessed with several kiddos who will engage in intelligent conversations about our faith & church history! Joe is still preaching through James, & yesterday's sermon was so timely about fighting the war within ourselves and within the body of believers!
 Sunday ended with a trip to Urgent Care. 
Stephen just hasn't been feeling well, and so many kids in his class have been sick that I just wanted to check out what was going on. He probably has a virus, but because he's had a fever all day, he's out of school tomorrow with a possible recheck soon!
He did however enjoy watching Hocus Pocus in the waiting room!
Prayers that whatever is going on with him moves on quickly!
 Sunday night was topped with trying this little gem!
So good even though I was craving some fried cheesecake bites. This cake was pretty good still!
Now let's go punch Monday in the face!
Happy Monday, friends!

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