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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A Day in My Life

I've done one of these posts before HERE, and it's so neat to see where my day went.
I honestly don't remember snapping this, but this was when Joe got up to go to his workout. I was still snoozing. Nataleigh had woken up @ 3:00am & spent a little bit of time trying to go back to sleep, so mama was tired!
Now it's time to get everyone up and going!!
 Verse of the Day!
 This crew was ready to go!
First up..dropping these handsome fellas off!!
 Then visiting Mim & Poppy!
 Jo Helen is quite the 'fall risk,' so whenever Poppy needs to run errands, he calls either my mom or me to come stay with her, just in case. She loves these visits, and Nurse NatNat loves taking care of 'her Jo Helen.'
 Then off to Home Depot to grab the stuff that we needed to finish Stephen's ecosystem project!
 But first, splashing in puddles!!
 It rained most of the day here.
We were thankful for our boots!
 Sand & succulents!!
 We then jetted to the school to grab the boys!
I hope y'all caught my SnapChat [britthensley] rant about the crazy person speeding through the parking lot!!
 3rd Grade homework.
Spelling word studies!!
 Starting on the diorama part of our ecosystem project. We finished the paper/essay portion of the project earlier in the week!
 While he painted I prepped THIS casserole! It was yummy, and Nataleigh ate 2 helpings of it. I served it alongside salads and fruit!
 Mail Day goodies!!!
 I've preached & preached my love for Matilda Jane all over this blog, but these may be my favorite pieces. The colors and patterns are just oh so pretty!! 
{more on these & other goodies later this week}
 Then we headed to dance class.
 My tiny dancer is ready to go! 
 Dinner shenanigans with a cutie!!
 The ring leader of the cutie clan!

Stephen & I worked on that ecosystem project!
 How cute are these succulents?!
 The rest of the "desert" items
 Outside playing in the sand!
 Got it loaded! 
We added the hot hands to represent the heat & the fan to represent the wind. 
All in all it was a neat project that allowed us all to look at desert life a little more in depth! 
I think Stephen learned some stuff about deserts!!
 My serious child rocking those footie pjs, slides, and heavy coat while we worked outside! Please notice the absence of a smile, because & I quote, "basketball players don't smile for pictures!"
I mean, come on kid. Flash ya mama that smile!
And at 9:55, I'm snuggled in bed working away on this blog post & tomorrow's post while Joe & the kiddos sleep soundly!
 Today was quite the Manic Monday. We were kind of all over the place, but we had so much fun together!
This is what I try to remind myself when I get overwhelmed or intimidated by those busy days. This is just a season of my life, and I better enjoy it!!


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