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Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday 5 Favorites

Last week, I took Friday off from sharing some of my favorite things, but today we are linking back up with our blogging buddies for #FridayFavorites & #5OnFriday!


The new Matilda Jane release!

I say that every release is my newest favorite, but this time it just might be the truest!
Joanna Gaines, everyone's favorite Fixer Upper, co-designed some beautiful pieces. I just cannot wait to get my hands on these!
This was the dress Nat picked out for herself.
& this dress twirls for days!!

Also, this week the newest season of Fixer Upper started, and The Cargo Ship House was stunning!!

Anyone else out there obsessing over this laundry room & master bath?!
The full recap is HERE..just don't drool too much!


Family PJs

I found the perfect pajamas for our family, & they were on sale.
[Thank you, Target]
Joe's response was, & I quote, "That is a whole lotta plaid!"
Well, next year, he may be dressing up like 


Facebook Comments

Yesterday, I shared that we added another adorable Elf, Franz, to our already full household, and the Facebook comments were hilarious!!

Our stockings are from Pottery Barn from several years ago, but they always have the cutest options!!
 We have a Nutcracker theme going on with our stockings!!

I just enjoyed these so much, and they really were so much fun to read!!
No additional sweet Hensley babies, yet!


My Kids' Fashion Sense

 This middle kiddo of mine was determined to wear these jeans, even if they were too long. His solution was to just cuff them, and there are just some battles that you don't have at 8am.
 Hair game on fleek! 
Different hair styles.
Stephen likes his hard part still, and Carson is dead-set on growing his hair out like Cade, a boy on Joe's team! This process should be interesting to say the least.
 This girl dressed herself...including her rain boots on the wrong feet. 
I just love her little prissy style so much!
It was December 1st yesterday, and this little sassafras wanted to dress like Santa!!
I might have died a little from the sweetness overload!


My Man!!

Last, but certainly not least, my man, Jojo is killing it lately in the gym. I've always just thought he was the most handsome man ever. Jokingly during our pre-marital counseling number 11 on my list of reasons I love him was his big muscles. Since August he's been killing in the gym, and he has just gotten so dang handsome. 

Linked with: ErikaNarciAndrea.

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Those PJ's are the cutest. Also, I love the Elf announcement, the comments are too funny. I am so glad that Fixer Upper is back on. It is my favorite. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks!! I'm so excited about our pjs!! 😬😬Hope you all have a great weekend too!