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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tis the Season

Happy Holiday season!!
I can happily report that Joe and I have almost finished our Christmas shopping. Everything is set to deliver next week, and then all we have to work on is stocking stuffers!!
We've been busy little elves @ the Hensley house!
Today, I wanted to share a few of gift ideas for anyone struggling to finish those lists..
This elf is ready to help!!

{for kiddos}


Lego Dimensions
& XBOX 360 people..this starter set is on sale!
43% off

These  fun packs are perfect for coordinating stocking stuffers!!
These are so cool. 
I grabbed Joe an iWatch for Christmas, and the boys think that it is too cool. They would love these kid-friendly version, and they would love seeing those fitness goals!

Carson is specifically asking for this. I love how he is such a sports-obsessed boy, but he also loves being creative!!
This looks so fun too!!

Winter Wear

Under Armor toboggans!
eek, my boys will love these!!


Nat has been very clear with her lists, yes lists, and she has made it clear what she wants.

I blame YouTube kids for this item!
This baby doll talks, eats, and even poops, and apparently this is the best doll ever! If you aren't ready for the 'big' babydoll, there is a smaller version of this...
Snackin' Lily!!

This thing does so much, and it has a pool which is a must-have for Nataleigh!

Super cute set that will encourage creativity!!
Beados + Shopkins + Ballet = perfection!

Matching Doll Outfits

These from American Girl
These  from Target's Our Generation Collections!!

{for him}

This is the iWatch we grabbed Joe, and he's hooked. 
(Yes, I went ahead and gave him his gift. Get over it)!

How sweet is this?!

Clearly I like greys & slates for my man!

We love our Yeti cups, but I think my on-the-go hubby would love this Rambler Bottle!!

{for her}

I shared HERE a couple of gifts that I personally would want, but here I want to share some gift ideas for sisters, friends, etc..

Yeti in colors!!
So, so pretty!!

How cute are THESE bracelets?!
THIS necklace!!

The best gift to give!!


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