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Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekend Rewind

Oh my goodness!!
Life just doesn't slow down, and if I could sum up my life right this second...
 Because moms don't have lives right?!
 Basically, my life right now.
And apparently I need some of that Spark stuff.


 Our ELVES woke us up chilling on the cookoo clock!!
Oh that Hans, Franz, and Gertie!
 After school, Joe took the boys to get haircuts & Carson's allergy shots, and man oh man, are these boys studs or what?!
We ended Friday with Stephen's second basketball practice of the week.
The kiddo works his butt off.


I think we somehow double what we have on our to-do lists every Saturday.
We divided & conquered East Tennessee!
 Joe & Stephen cheered for our favorite Flash player!
And Nataleigh & I headed to Johnson City for the Battle of Beauty!
This pageant was fun & such a great cause. It benefitted several local charities, as well as sending funds to the victims of the Smokey Mountain fire. 
It had a Christmas wear & Beauty wear division.
 My little Christmas tree Angel.
(Notice that this mama put the wings on upside down)
 Fixed the wings just in time for Nat to add that fake smile!
 She was so gorgeous!!
 Barefoot and all!!
 Nat & Brooklyn
Pageants have a lot of down time before and between groups, so we get to have fun with some of our absolute best friends. 
These sweet girls!!
I just could brag and brag about how beautiful these girls are, inside & out, and they just have the best of times together!
 Beauty-wear ready!!
Hanging out while waiting on the scores to be tabulated with the judges. 
Nat's favorite part of pageants is the door prizes.
This week she grabbed these fake nail set, & my childhood flashed before my eyes!
A picture of my nails was necessary!!
And she came out of there as the Beauty & Christmas wear winner for the 2-3 age group. 
This was our last pageant at this age point because she turns 4 in less than a month.
[hold me please}
Those Cinderella girls kicked butt this weekend!
 After the pageant, we busted it back to Gray to watch Stephen play in his tournament!
He had two games Saturday & two games Sunday.
This is our first experience with travel basketball & a tournament team, and it's been an adjustment. He is playing up on a 4th grade team, so he is one of the youngest. The kid just works so hard that in time it'll pay off.
 After the games, we headed to eat dinner @ one of our favorite spots, Jason's Deli!!
These two sat together just chit-chatting, and it was the cutest thing ever!!
And dinner @ Jason's Deli always requires ice cream cones!!


Saturday night we grabbed a Christmas tree, and our elves woke us up chilling on the tree.
Silly Hans, Franz, and Gertie!!
And we once again divided and conquered.
Stephen had the bracket of the tournament, and it was a challenge. We are still a new team, and we played against some really good teams. The boys fought hard and made it to the semis.
This sassy thing, Carson, and Jojo enjoyed services @ Hickory Tree.
Thanks Mimi, for this cute, warm, snuggly winter outfit!
Sunday night, I braved Walmart with these crazies.
The kiddos were so good, but it was sooooooo busy with people holiday shopping.
We ended the weekend relaxing together watching Tables | Ladders | Chairs & Guy's Grocery Games at the same time. 
 Cutest boys ever!!
& they really do love each other so much!!

May your Monday be short & your coffee strong today!!

Check back tomorrow as we share Christmas decor with some awesome bloggers!

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