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Monday, December 12, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up

We had an awesome weekend full of basketball, parades, church, and a little sprinkle of snow!
We hope it was as fun for y'all as it was for us!


I noticed while I was snapping an #ootd picture that there was snow flurrying around us, and I swear just last week we were in the 70s. If you follow me on SnapChat (britthensley), then you know I was so confused by the snow, but I was so giddy too!!
We arrived at Jo Helen's just in time to play in the flurries and what had landed before it melted!
And it really was just beautiful up on Carr Farm!

We warmed up by making cookies.
 ..homemade PB cookie dough..
My little helper was supposed to be unwrapping kisses, but I think she ate too many!!

We then loaded up to head to Joe's basketball game.
And someone just couldn't hang!
 But she perked up just in time to play...
with one of her besties, Morgan!


Saturday was cold & busy.
 Thankful for this toboggan & that lip gloss from Younique!!!
Then we watched and cheered for Carson's team, the Flash. He played hard, and he even came out of there with 6 points & a bruise. Not too shabby for a tough 7-year old!
 Nat and I met up with some of our favorite friends for a Christmas parade! 
It was 25 degrees out there and cold doesn't even begin to describe it. The thing about these girls and their mamas is that it is ALWAYS fun!
The Rudolph filter wasn't necessary to add those rosy cheeks and noses!
 Freezing, but happily wishing everyone Merry Christmas in the oldest town in Tennessee!
These mamas!!
 Sweet little Cinderella Tot!


Muffins and hot chocolate for breakfast!

 Chocolate cutie!!
& Stephen being my child of routine enjoyed his orange juice sans a picture!!
Sweetest babies!! 
 Ready for Sunday School
Sunday best!!
I happily wore my favorite Matilda Jane dress. I've shared about it here, and my love for it hasn't lessened yet!

We then headed to the store for groceries & stuff for Stephen's class project!
[more on that later]
Stephen was asking us about Egg Nog, so we grabbed some to try!

Jojo was 1st! 
 Mama's turn!
 Stephen's turn
 & Nataleigh!
Clearly not a fan!
None of the kiddos were a fan of the egg nog, but it was still fun & oh so funny!
 We ended the weekend with our favorite pizza and wintery pjs!!
& more SnapChat!!

Seriously though. 
This week is going to fly because it's the week before Christmas break, and I cannot wait!!


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