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Thursday, December 1, 2016

We're Growing!!

Happy December 1!!!
Today, I'm excited to share some big news about our family!!
We are growing bigger by one elf, and I cannot wait until the kiddos see him.
My friend, Amanda, has three kiddos as well, and she actually gave me the idea that we needed an additional elf that way these elves can be passed on to our kiddos as they grow up and move out. 
(cue the ugly cry)
& Gertie are pleased to introduce you to their brother...
I cannot wait to see what kind of mischief and fun these three elves get into this month!
Oh I hope the kiddos love this elf as much as they already love Hans & Gertie!!
I shared on MONDAY that the elves are a huge part of our family's Christmas traditions, and adding an elf comes with additional challenges as well as additional fun!
I cannot wait to see and hear what Stephen, Carson, & Nataleigh think!!

May this season be as magical as only the Christmas season can be!
~Warm wishes from the Hensleys~

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