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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

...3 Things...

Andrea from Momfessionals periodically shares three things about her sweet family, and I just love the idea behind the posts so much. I've tried to share periodically 3 THINGS about my sweet family as well, and there is no better time than a new year to share 3 things about my crew!


1. This sweet boy is kicking butt in school. The first 9 weeks we struggled with 3rd grade math, but this sweet boy brought his math grade up to a solid A. We are just so proud of how hard works at his academics!
2. He's still pretty basketball-obsessed. We are still having to talk with him about how awesome his Arby's Classic experience was. He did win a free throw contest & he was picked from the crowd to be dunked over.
3. He craves quiet time. I'll often lose him in the house because he's hiding in a room on his iPad. He loves his brother and sister, but he needs that time away from them.


1. Also, he's pretty basketball-obsessed, but not as much as Stephen. He has begun talking about baseball season starting back up. The boy loves baseball.
2. He's become quite the farm-hand. My grandparents' little farm has had two calves born in the last week, and he loves throwing his boots on and riding the Gator to check on them with his Poppy. It is the sweetest thing ever.
(give me all the heart eyes)
3. He's a Fixer Upper fan, like just about everyone else. He now cannot decide if after his basketball/baseball career if he wants to be a chef or a home builder. He says that he wants to tear down walls and houses just to build them all back.


1. She's such a little social butterfly. She has friends EVERYWHERE, and we talk about her friends every day. She's planning playdates left and right with her pageant buddies, her dance friends, and the other basketball sisters. I pray that God gives her just the sweetest friends ever.
2. She's boy-crazy...SERIOUSLY! Whether she's crushing Stephen's sweet friend Luke, any of the adorable Mabe brothers, or yes, even Marshall Manning (Peyton's son), she has no fear letting you or them know how cute they are!
3. Dance night, Monday, is her favorite night of the week. She is so used to being drug to Stephen, Carson, or Joe's basketball game that she needs these Mondays all for herself. She is loving her first year so much. Thank you Blakely, Kody, and The Dance Company!

{Joe & Britt}

1. I recently began a Bible study, Fight Back with Joy, and I love, love, love it. It has been so beneficial for me, and in turn us, to strengthen my personal walk.
2. On Sunday nights, Joe is preaching topical sermons about basics of our Christian faith. This Sunday he shared what the Bible says about Scripture. He further discussed the Author & the Authority of the Scriptures. What we believe about the Scriptures inevitably filters down to what we believe about everything else. Seriously, I cannot wait!
3. We have been married for over 11 years now, and I can absolutely say that I love this man more now than ever. I am also confident again in his love for me.
BONUS: Our family's goal for 2017
To be authentic...
It's difficult to let down our guards & let ourselves be vulnerable. It is, however, so sweet and rewarding. I want us to be able to share and praise God on the mountain peaks as well as in the valleys. I never want to portray us as anything other than a family who loves God & each other fiercely, but we may fall short...and that's okay! We go to bed repentant, and then we wake up ready to do better.



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