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Friday, January 13, 2017

5 Friday Faves 1.13.2017

It's Friday, & we've survived!
Give God all that GLORY!!
No shame in my Jesus-praising game!
This was one heck of a hard week.
Ever let yourself be vulnerable, and God just show-out?!
I poured my heart out here on Tuesday, and while it was difficult initially to do, God has given me so much peace about it. I didn't shame anyone for sin because we all sin, and honestly I just needed and still need prayer. God will heal my heart, so I'll continue to wear my scars as badges of honor for His glory!
Today I want to share 5 things right this second that are helping me stay in a positive place!


I wanted to start the year off digging a little deeper in God's Word, and the timing of this study couldn't be better. Who doesn't want to start the year off craving, searching and fighting for JOY in their life. 2017 is going to be the year that the Hensley 5 choose JOY!
 I've followed Margaret on Twitter (mafeinberg) for a couple of years now, and her story is just AHHH-MAZING. I got the privilege to hear her speak a couple of years ago at an Extraordinary Women's Conference, and she was just awesome. She's been through it all, and this study has been so fun and like I said earlier, so timely for me!
Here are a couple of things I've been challenged with so far.
Don't stew..do!!
She took specific scriptures that spoke of God's great love for us, and she removed the "you." She then had us write our own names in the blanks, and this exercise had me straight-up bawling my eyes out. {insert ugly cry face here}
It shook me to my core to see how great & deep God's love for me is!


These temperatures!!
Now normally I am all about some frigid January weather, but my kids and I have been cooped up enough already. We need this break. After next weekend, we can return to our regularly scheduled cold weather!!
I mean, how much truer can it be?!


This week's verses of the day...
Every morning when my alarm goes off, I try to check this verse out, and then I begin my day.
This is just a little jump-start faith activity for my brain, and my day does seem to function better after I check the verse.


This song!!
This little song has been blasting in our house for a while now, and it's just too cute. Nat will sing it at the top of her lungs. Another one of her favorites is...
this version of "This Girl is on Fire."
So cute, and I love the performances we get from Nat and her backup singers and dancers brothers!


Well, it is almost time for the new collection to launch, and I cannot wait!

 How amazing is this?!
 These colors and patterns!!
all the heart eyes

Another brand that I've been drooling over for the past couple of weeks is Olive Mae Clothing. Their pictures are darling! We ordered one of their grab bags (dress and doll dress), and I cannot wait until it gets here. I'll keep you posted, but until then, go follow them on Instagram!
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