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Monday, January 30, 2017

About this Weekend...

We are sitting here enjoying the snow falling & watching the Royal Rumble together, and it's pretty awesome! School has already been cancelled, so the boys got to stay up late & watch the entire pay-per-view!
Our weekend was jam-packed, but it was also balanced thanks to the snow slowing us all down a little!


Friday started off normally, but we had some snow threats. Our director of schools decided that an early dismissal was best for every one, and this mama didn't complain one bit! We grabbed the boys, got Carson's allergy shots, and then dropped the boys off with Joe...all while donning our best Princess Poppy hair!
This girl is just too funny, and she can literally wear anything while looking beautiful!
The boys grabbed Zaxby's with Joe before his ballgame, and then they spent ALL night @ the gym.
Nat & I grabbed fresh chips & queso from Barberitos.
These are the absolute best chips ever!!
We then met up with Nana at Oasis Skincare Center where we learned all about...
We also learned about other things like microdermabrasion & their chocolate facials!!
Such a fun, girlie time with my mom & Nat, & Lindsey's spa is just amazing!!
Then we went home to chill until the boys got home.
Nat made crosses on Minecraft while I watched...
This is probably one of my most favorite Olympic sports of all time!


Saturday can officially change it's name to basketball-day in our house.
We are at it ALL DAY LONG, and honestly, we love it!
Joe & Carson headed to his ballgame, and this little baller-boy had himself quite the game!
He scored 11 of the 13 points, and he had the assist on the other point!
Joe said he probably had 20+ steals, and he just had a ball.
{pun intended}
While they were at the game, Stephen, Nataleigh, and I celebrated one of our favorites turning 9!

Happy Birthday, Lukey!!
Carson then met up with one of his buddies for what was going to be a day of hiking, but they decided to just explore Will's land & practice "Odells" all afternoon/evening.
The rest of us spent the rest of our life day @ Stephen's baketball tournament.

This was it for him! He was totally in his element!!
basketball all day + hanging with his friends = #perfection
This sweet girl needed some twirling/dancing time outside in the sunshine!!
& a nap!!
{insert praise hands here}
Never fear, though because she woke up ready for a trip to the concession stand for some skittles!
& SnapChat with a new friend!
Madison may be on her way to convincing Nataleigh to give sports a go...maybe!

 After 4 games of total domination, the Swarm came out victorious, and this kiddo was just too excited!
This sweetheart was just so happy to be going home!!
{insert praise hands again}
Carson called us, and he & Will made plans for a sleepover & church the next morning.
He, however, had a change of heart, and this mama's heart was just overwhelmed. Dan called us to tell us that after he went to sleep, Carson came downstairs & said, "Mr. Dan..I think I need to go home. You know my mommy & daddy are just the greatest people ever." And, y'all..that's how this mama became a complete puddle. Go get my baby, Jojo!!
I think both of our hearts were just too full!!


Sundays are for church, and this Sunday was for snow flurries all day long! 
 Today's church service was just the sweetest too. Dear friends of ours joined us for worship, and Joe only had me bawling my eyes out. Our struggles are not secret, yet we've been so grateful for those precious God-sends that supported and loved us through it all. God is so faithful!!

But before church started, a little selfie session was needed for this girl!
Oh she too beautiful & oh so funny!!
In case we didn't have enough basketball this weekend, we watched this while snuggling because Sundays are for snuggling!
I then got our Royal Rumble predictions ready to go.
We have shared before that we love the WWE, and the Royal Rumble is really becoming my favorite PPV. Belly laughs because the boys just cannot contain their excitement every time another wrestler is added to the ring is just what this mama needed.

& mama won 7/8 matches...boom!
I was kinda disappointed when my pick, the Undertaker, was taken out by Roman Reigns.

Such a fun night with my crew.
Nat was busily jamming out to her favorite song, "Boomerang."
Our weekend was quite the blur, so we are enjoying our Snow Day today.


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