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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

About Us..Stephen Edition

We've been at this family blog thing now for almost a year, so I still feel pretty new to the blogging community. I share often about what we are doing and what life looks like for each of us, but today I wanted to start sharing a little more about each of us. Over the next few weeks, I hope to share posts about each of the kids as well as a little more into mine and Joe's love story.


Joe and I had been married for just over a year when we found out we were pregnant with Stephen. Talk about SHOCKED!
I had been experiencing some severe headaches and nausea due to my birth control pills, and honestly I am the absolute worst at taking medicine. I was planning on seeing my doctor to figure out what else we could do, and that cycle we conceived.
I remember being so sick, and my cycle was just a day late. I thought that there was no way that I could be pregnant, but we decided to take a test the next morning. For some crazy reason, I woke up at 3am thinking that I was running late for my 9am class, so I took the test. Almost instantly it was positive, I was crying, and I woke Joe up to tell him the crazy good news! He kissed me and went back to sleep. I, however, could not sleep, so I googled every thing available online all night long. Then the morning sickness started.
I was literally sick every single day for the entire 40 weeks. I was hospitalized for dehydration at 18 weeks for 2 days, and because of the hospitalization, we found out that our sweet bundle was indeed a boy. Throughout the pregnancy I lost over 20lbs. I was on a nausea medicine regimen that included a morning nausea medicine, an evening medicine, and an emergency pill. I really think I got sick in every single restaurant and store in Northeast Tennessee. It was terrible, really, but my Granny reminded me that my sweet boy needed those hormones that were making me so sick.
We were induced at 39 weeks 5 days because at our last appointment, our doctor was struggling to keep Stephen's heartrate monitored. He was pretty sure that the cord was wrapped. I also had signs of pre-eclampsia...severe swelling, elevated blood pressure, and such. It was time for Stephen to come on, even though my body wasn't necessarily ready. I was 0% effaced & dilated to a whopping 0!
We began the induction, and after hours of Pitocin, I was still struggling to dilate, even with my waters being broken. A second attempt at breaking my waters sent me into over-drive. Thank goodness for that epidural, right?! My epidural only took on one side, so that sweet doctor came back in and re-did my epidural. IT WORKED..almost too well perhaps.
When it was time for pushing, that too didn't go as planned. Isn't pregnancy funny?! You can have all these plans, and then depending on your baby & body, those plans go flying out of the window. I pushed for over 3 hours, including taking a little 30 minute nap in there, and my tricky blood pressure continued to act crazy. Thank goodness I didn't know any of this during the time. Stephen finally crowned, and the doctor said that the cord was wrapped and there was a knot in the cord. God surely had His hand on our sweet boy. When I first saw him, I can remember being over-whelmed by how absolutely beautiful that boy was. Even though he had cord issues, he scored perfectly on the Apgar test. He was completely healthy, beautiful, and all our's.
I was put on blood pressure medicine at our 8-week check-up because that pesky BP wouldn't chill out. I joked that because my pregnancy was so horrible, between the sickness & the birthing drama, that Stephen should be an easy baby, and boy oh boy, was he ever. He was a dream. My sweet friend Tara, who along with about 20 other friends and family waited in the hallway for that 3 hours on his birthday, joked that my pregnancy was so terrible that she just knew Stephen would be an only child.
He was the easiest baby ever though. He nursed naturally. He hit every single milestone perfectly. He still is that easy child, even though he's developed that typical 9-year old smarty pants attitude.
We've been praying for Stephen for over 10 years now, and God really has out-done Himself with Stephen Karl.
Stephen means "crown," and it couldn't fit this sweet boy any better.

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