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Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Faves 1.27.17

It's Fri-YAY!!
Boy, am I happy that we have made it to Friday...anyone else?! Today I'm sharing some things that I'm absolutely lo-ving right this second!


Twirly Dresses

Can't Stop..Won't Stop!
This was @ Coolsprings Galleria in Nashville, and it was so cute to see this little girl twirling to her heart's desire in the middle of that big ole mall!


How much my kiddos just love & like each other!
It's a big blessing for this mama's heart, and don't get me wrong. They fight & bicker like none other, but a lot of life is spent laughing and loving each other fiercely!
 Double Trouble!!
 He's just so protective of her!
And seriously..the sweetest/cutest boys I know!


These cooler temps!!
We've been in the upper 60s for a while now, and that is just too warm for this winter-loving girl! There's also something so magical about that little snowflake emoji!!


(breakfast for dinner)
This week I introduced the kiddos to fried bologna, and it was a hit. They loved this dinner this week, and so did mama!!


Sports Wins
This was a huge upset, and we've been rocking our orange all week!!
Go Big Orange
And one of Joe's very first students when he was a youth minister just landed a HUGE new client! I mean, Cris Weidman is kind of a big deal in UFC. Soon to be 5 time Middleweight Champ!
Way to go, Tyler.
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Check back Monday to see how our weekend went. We are pretty busy with loads of basketball, birthdays, and buddies, so I'll be recapping our weekend on Monday!


  1. My daughter loves hot dogs so I bet she would like fried bologna! She is also a fan of twirly dresses - she refuses to wear pants quite often haha. Have a great weekend!

    1. Nataleigh refuses jeans. She's a dress girl 100%! Happy Friday.