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Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Favorites 1.6.17

It is the first Friday of 2017, and I cannot wait to share some of my favorite things today!


So this week is kinda busy on the birthday front for us, and we had a ball celebrating each of them!


Last week we spent about 150% of our week around basketball as we were hosting the 2016 Arby's Classic, and once again, my kids had an absolute ball!!
 These boys loved sitting on the bench with the teams, especially the team from NYC!
And thank goodness this boy finally got his hair cut back to the way mama likes it!
If you follow me on Instagram {britthensley} or Twitter {britthensley}, then you got to see some cute videos of my boys working it out at the Arby's. They warmed up a little with McAllie (the 2016 runner-ups), and Stephen hit 12 free throws in under a minute! They had a BALL!!


I am coffee-obsessed, and one of my sweet friends grabbed me a Dunkin Donuts cup for Christmas. I couldn't thank Christie enough if I tried.
Tall & slender, just like me..not!
Also, Starbucks has officially put one of my all-time favorite drinks ever on their menu.
Tuxedo Mocha all the way.
I've ordered this drink for years, but I've always called it a "black & white mocha." It's rich, chocolatey, and oh so scrumptious!!


I shared yesterday all about the fun we had in Nashville last weekend, and I just couldn't put it all into words and pictures! It was just an amazing time spent with my favorite people ever! I loved it, and I cannot wait to go back!!

A few of my favorite Nashville moments!


Tomorrow Joe and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. Marriage is so much more than flowers, cakes, and fancy clothes. Our marriage has been through the fire, and we are thankfully able to proclaim a mighty victory! God will always, always, always get the full glory for our family & our marriage!
To God be the GLORY, a great thing HE has done!

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  1. Looks like a busy week!! Loving on the coffee cup! And I love when my boys get hair cuts too haha simple pleasures! Happy Griday!

    1. Such luxuries that we #boymoms look forward to! :) Enjoy your weekend

  2. Tuxedo mocha?? I must try this! I also love that Dunkin cup!
    We were in birthday mode last week too. My youngest turned 4 and I turned, um...29??
    Visiting from Friday Favorites :)

  3. Yes! The tuxedo mocha is basically mixing a white chocolate mocha and a regular mocha together. It's a Hershey kiss in a cup! I've been celebrating the anniversary of my 29th birthday for a couple of years! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Girl, they should've named that Tuxedo mocha after you, Yum! And I love your new coffee cup! Have the best, fun filled and cozy weekend!

    1. Thanks!! :) we have big plans of being snowed it! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Happy Friday and Happy early Anniversary! How fun to celebrate so many birthdays :) Love that coffee mug - and those sweet kiddos of yours! Have a good weekend!


    1. Thanks, friend! :) it is a fun week for our family!!

  6. I am in LOVE with the Tuxedo Mocha. SOOOO yummy and a great drink to order now that the holiday flavors are gone. That cup is so cute. Our weekend will be full of basketball as well! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! Hope you all have a fun time too at basketball!!

  7. i haven't tried the tuxedo mocha yet but mmm that sounds great. your kids are adorable! have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yum, yummy, and yummo! I may have to get myself one today as we got several inches of snow!! Happy weekend