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Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Nataleigh

How are we here celebrating our sweet little girl turning 4?!
I shared Ten Things I wanted Nataleigh to know, and today, I just want to quickly share with you 4 things that I LOVE about having Nataleigh Hope as my daughter.


She was an absolute dream come true.

I just knew I would always be a boy-mom, and I was okay with that. I spent years praying for a daughter, and after we miscarried in February of 2012, I just knew that we had lost our girl.
 (God sure did have big plans for our sweet family.)
Less than a year later, we happily welcomed our beautiful 7-pound rainbow baby.


She is my best friend!!

I'm first her mama, and she knows that. She's also, however, my best friend. I just love running errands, grabbing coffees, and just sitting and chit-chatting with this girl. She's opinionated, sassy, and so dang funny. The past couple of years have proved a little difficult in the friends area of my life, but this little doll baby is my #bestie!


She can shop until we drop!

She loves it all too. She loves looking at shoes, clothes, bags, accessories, toys, makeup, hair products, and food. She knows what she likes, and she doesn't care to let you know what she thinks about anything. Don't waste your money, or her money, on stuff she doesn't approve!


She is such a bright spot in all of our lives.

Nat can literally light up any room or stage immediately! Her laughter is infectious, and she is just a true joy!

Nataleigh Hope,
Our sweet darling, we are so thankful for you. I hope you know that we love you dearly. You are the most beautiful girl that we have ever seen. Your smile is magical, and your laugh is infectious. Please know your worth. Your dad, brothers, and I cannot explain how much we love you because it is so much more than words. Today, you turn 4, sweet girl, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store for your beautiful life. Keep smiling, and always know that we love you more than the stars in the sky!
-Mama & Daddy!

We took the last two weeks off from blogging, so tomorrow I'm going to start the sharing process of our holiday festivities, and I cannot wait to share all of the fun times with you!!

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