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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas 2016 was busy, busy, busy for the Hensley crew.
The Hensley kiddos each got everything on their lists and then some. We have some spoiled, lucky kids that's for sure.
Let's get right into our Christmas 2016 recap!

December 23

We headed across the mountain to Asheville to start the Christmas celebrations with Mimi & Popow.
I failed..totally failed at taking many pictures.
We watched Christmas movies, ate pasta, opened gifts, and then played UNO!
We had twelve {my 5 + my sister-in-law and her family + my in-laws}people sleeping in one house, and it was every bit wild, crazy, and FUN!

December 24

These best friends woke up ready for Mimi's pancakes and more fun and games!
We loaded back up to head back over the mountain to Tennessee!
I love this duckface man of mine!!
 But not before a quick stop at Trader Joe's and a coffee for the road.
Getting to Mim & Poppy's in time for a quick photo session... 

 The Hensley 5
Life with a sister!!
Sometime during the morning/afternoon, I completely lost my voice, so all I wanted was my plaid pjs. (More on these gems later...)
Nat got her very own iPad, complete with princess castle sticker, and the boys couldn't be more excited about the fact that she now doesn't have to ever use their iPads again!

Every parent knows this struggle!
Then the Hensley 5 snuggled up in our matching pjs..
Oh my heart!!
{all the plaid heart eyes}
 Santa's elves got to work as soon as the kiddos hit the hay.
 All set up.
Stockings STUFFED!!

December 25

 Happy boy 1!
 Happy boy 2!
She was jumping for pure joy!!
We cleaned up a bit...
 We are both rocking our Matilda Jane pieces!!
 And this crazy is proudly wearing his Griswold shirt. It is his FAVORITE MOVIE.
These boys were rocking their Under Armor & their Beats.
This was totally a gift for Joe and me from my parents. We no longer have to listen to their apps and videos as we drive. It was a hallelujah moment for sure!
We finally met up with some friends for a little movie action!
 Extra thankful for these faces!!
 Cute, cute kiddos had a blast!!
 Movies at the theatre has quickly become 'our thing!'
We watched Sing, and it was okay!
I really, truly think that Trolls ruined me for all other animated movies, however I am looking forward to seeing Despicable Me 3 Summer 2017 & of course, Beauty and the Beast!
We ended the night happily twirling away Christmas 2016,
This Christmas, unlike any other, made me appreciate living in the moment and making sure I appreciate all the people who choose to be a part of my family's life. We have a wonderful support system that we love incredibly big!
Merry {belated} Christmas from the Hensleys to you!
Yesterday, you saw where Nataleigh turned 4 big years old, and a little later this week I'll share the fun we spent celebrating that sassy girl!

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