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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Life Lately

Life Lately has been pretty normal lately, and we are loving it.
We've even worked in some time for a his & her's mask session!
We got the boys put to bed, so we exfoliated our pores together. The couple that masks together, stays together.
Joe had Monday off from school, so thankfully he changed the brakes on my van.
As he would proudly say, "These are the hands of a workin' man!"
Oh Jojo!!
We also hit up dance. My tiny dancer just loves Mondays so much!
I shared in my Three Things post Tuesday just how much she loves dancing with The Dance Company!
On her birthday, Nataleigh fussed at Mimi (Joe's mama) about how unfair it was that the boys got to spend the night without her, so when Mimi & Popow asked to keep Nat, she was all too excited. I met up with them Tuesday, and they snuck over to Sneedville to visit my father-in-law's mother for her birthday.
And Mimi snapped the sweetest picture of Nat with one of her great-grandmas, Granny!
Be still my heart!
While Nat was away, we hit up Joe's mid-week ball game with my sister, Gigi.
 SnapChat filter fun during warm-ups.
 I'm not exactly sure what went through Stephen's brain when he decided to sprawl out all over the balcony area?!
And my sweet middle cat-napped during halftime. The only thing that woke him up was when Gigi's friend Ryne brought nachos.
And I savored a few sweet, snuggly moments with these two just before bed!
All the heart eyes!
Wednesday was happily a super calm, routine day!
I fixed the best Firecracker Chicken ever for dinner, and it got rave reviews from everyone!
I mean, served on rice, this was such a delicious dinner!
I get really bored cooking the same thing every week, so Pinterest is my go-to for new recipes. This is a Pinterest-win, for sure!
I'm hoping that the rest of our week remains this chill.
And this meme is basically why!!

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