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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nashville, New Year's, & Nataleigh

This weekend was such a cluster for us.
The Hensley boys were gifted Titans-Texans tickets from "Uncle Sluder," so we took advantage of the tickets and turned it into a big family getaway.


We kicked Saturday off wrapping up the Arby's Classic.
This sassy girl was so excited to see some of the older girls from her dance team.
[Go Dance Company Go]
Now she wants to be one of those big girls dancing out there too!!
And we found our filter while the boys hung with the team!!
They were totally in their element, and I can assure you that they will be disappointed that the Arby's is over. Joe and the rest of the coaches and wives will be excited for a more normal schedule!
{praise hands on praise hands}
We then loaded the van up, and busted it to Nashville!
After traveling all day, it was so nice to find a Buffalo Wild Wings on New Year's Eve for some wings, football, and.....
I'm so hooked to these little scrumptious goodies, and I just can't stop!
We made it to the hotel finally after driving through dense fog and rain, and the kids literally begged and pleaded until we finally gave in to some pool time!
2 things about traveling with my sweet babes..
1. They love a continental breakfast!
2. And they live for a pool!!
Not gonna complain one bit about this view!!
We jammed to iHeartRadio and just enjoyed unwinding poolside for a while!
Then I caught this precious moment just as we were making sure we had everything before heading back to the room. These two are such little best friends, and it is the sweetest thing ever!

Traveling all day + swimming for over an hour = 3 kids crashing hard quickly!
I would love to share our midnight kiss, but y'all it didn't happen. We were whooped, and our eastern time zone brains were just not ready for the central time zone!


Let the birthday shenanigans commence...
We got up bright and early to begin our Sunday Funday!!
Little Chewies love hotel breakfast!
And one of the hotel staff members gave Nat this little balloon not knowing it was her birthday weekend, but Nat for sure thought it was just for that reason!
 These three hunks headed to Nissan Stadium to Titan Up!
Club level plus a parking pass!!
Uncle Sluder is my favorite too!!
This sweet thing and I headed to CoolSprings Galleria for some serious girl time!
First stop, the American Girl store along with everyone else buying the Girl of the Year!
She was super excited about finding her Truly You doll that she named "Princess Buttercup."
She only wanted the entire store & then some, but we had an absolute ball checking out the dolls, clothes, and accessories!
She racked up!
She was gifted some money from a few family members at Christmas, so she got to go shopping with "her money" first. The Joe and I picked up the rest.
She loved the sticker and the big deal that the sweet salesperson made over her!
She is just the silliest!
We refueled a bit at Starbucks, and when it's your birthday, you have to have a pink cake pop with sprinkles & chocolate milk, right?!

After shopping a bit, we decided it was lunchtime, so we are still in celebration-mode...Cheesecake Factory is a must!
And her new doll, Ashlyn, had to eat with us!
"Ashlyn is a princess-in-training (and party-planer extraordinaire). She's just the one to turn a friend's from upside-down."
Just like my little Nataleigh Hope!
She also got the wellies, but they were out of the socks in the store..mama may have had to go ahead and order them for her!
 Mine...the tiramisu cheesecake.
I branched out and tried a new one (my favorite is the tuxedo cheesecake), and I didn't love this one nearly as much as I hoped. The bottom was just a little too spongey!
Nat, however, LOVED her s'mores cheesecake! I mean, chocolate cheesecake with a graham cracker crust & toasted marshmallow on top can't be too bad!!

We grabbed the boys from the game which was super hectic..
But this face!!
The boys had a ball. My boys, all three, are just the biggest fans of just about any sport. They loved every bit of it, from the fireworks to the play to the mascots and the fans. It was just an overall great first NFL experience.
Thanks again, Uncle Sluder. We are truly so blessed to be more than just friends, but rather we are family!
After naps, we met up with my precious cousin, Lucy & her adorable family. They live in Greenbrier, which is just north of Nashville. Nothing better than Chinese food with family on New Year's Day!
(Of course while Lu took care of Eli, Nat had to take care of Ashlyn)


We woke up to the sweetest, silliest, sassiest four-year old!
She let EVERYONE know that she was 4 today!
We loaded the van, and began the trek back to Northeast Tennessee.
This sign just outside of Knoxville cracked me up!!
"30 minute or less E.R. service pledge."
& the current wait time is 31 minutes.
I just died from laughter!!

We got home in time to open presents from my mom, grandparents, aunt, and sister. We then met up with Joe's parents for a little Mellow Mushroom (Nat's pick) & cake!
Thankful that this is my circus, and we are a family FULL of laughter and love!
Make a wish, darling!

We ended the night with more cake & family time!
Cookie cake for every birthday!
And it didn't take long for Nat to crash.
She had a magical birthday.
Super cool moment with visitfranklin.com using Nataleigh's picture on their tourism site!
This was our first time in Nashville, and it really is a shame that it's taken us this long to cross the Cumberland Plateau.  Nat and I even popped down to Franklin to check out their charming Main St. We're already looking for a long weekend to spend down there with friends. I want to do the whole Nashville experience...Grand Ole Opry included!.

Thanks for checking out our sweet girl's birthday fun and the boys' first NFL experience.

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