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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Show & Tell 1.24.17

Today we are linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and she has lined up some pretty good topics for this upcoming year.
This post is all about Steals & Splurges.

..Hair Care..

I splurged for the first time last month on shampoo & conditioner, and it has been so worth it!
My amazing stylist {@alexrocksmylocks on Instagram} uses OYA Hair Products, and I love them. I've been using this shampoo and conditioner now for a month, and my hair is so healthy. I don't feel as though I'm putting super harsh chemicals on my hair either. The smell is DIVINE too!!
Seriously good stuff!
I've been trying to train my hair to go longer between good shampoos because it is just so much healthier for your hair, and my go-to, absolute favorite dry shampoo is Batiste! It's my steal in the hair-care category! You can find it at any Target, and I seriously love it!
I prefer the original scent, but the Tropical scent is a close, close second!

..Make Up..

I love, love, love my IT Cosmetics, & I've shared before that one of my besties ever began her Younique journey! She's rocking it too. I love using It's foundation powders & brushes, and my lashes are all Younique. By the way, they have a brand-new formula for their fiber lashes, and it's the bees' knees!
For my blushes, shadows, bronzers, and brow colors, I tend to stick with my favorite STEAL...E.L.F. Another favorite Target find, but this cosmetics company can be found in most places.
Check out creator Jamie's results!!

And shop from my amazing friend, Angel's, online make-up boutique!!

..My Closet..

I am not the biggest fan of shopping for myself clothes, and I cannot justify buying for myself. When I do though, my husband would say that everything is a splurge!!
 My favorite splurges are in my accessories..
I went with the Original Tall Boot in Matte Hunter Green, and I.LOVE.THEM!! It is the most perfect neutral without being black.
Funny side note about my Hunters is that when we were talking about buying our first cow, yes moo-cow, I told Joe that I would be good with the cow, if I could have a pair of Hunters. Next week, these beauts arrived at our house. That, my friend, is a good, good man!
Love ya, boo!

My Bags!!

I shared back in JUNE all about my favorite bag, and it is still my favorite bag. I just don't see how mamas can go wrong with a good Coach tote bag, however, I recently added a KAVU to my mom-arsenal! AND I LOVE IT! It is perfection, and it is definitely a steal. These bags hold up so well & so comfortably, especially for mamas with toddlers or big-littles. Nat doesn't 'need' much, but occasionally, well often, she still wants mama to carry her. This bag is it!
Here are some prints I'm loving...

Such perfect Spring bags!!


I hate, loathe, despise spending money on sunglasses, but I will hit up the dollar spot at Target for some pretty amazing sunnie finds! My favorite sunnies I've had now for 3 years, and they were $3! Yep...$3, and I cannot lose or completely break these. I could guarantee you that if I ever splurged on sunnies, then within a day they would be scratched, broken, or lost.

..Kid's Stuff..

We don't hide our crazy obsession love for Matilda Jane. We proudly parade it all over this little blog! My favorite thing to do though is to pair our MJ with our favorite finds from Old Navy.
I mean, eeeeeeeeek!!! How stinking precious was this combo on my sweet girl?!
We also find a lot of our favorite Matilda pieces on Facebook. My favorite resale pages are MJ Addicts & MJ Mania!
Another of my favorite steals is checking out local consignment sales. We have a couple coming up, and they are good ones!!
Tri-Cities Upscale Affordable Consignment sale!
If you are anywhere near Northeast TN, find your way to this sale in March! It always has such great things. My boys are at the age where all they wear is Under Armor, Nike, or a combo of Nike & Under Armor. I've always been able to find them some steals as well as Nat some pretty sweet steals too!!
These are just a couple of my favorite steals & splurges, and I cannot wait to see what everyone else shares!!


  1. I'm completely obsessed with MJ too! I'm in so many groups on Facebook that it is almost embarrassing. My favorite in Matilda Jane All Day BST!

  2. I'm the same, but the clothes are just TOO cute!