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Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Rewind

Is it really Monday already?!
Seriously though?!
This weekend was busy, but there were a couple of naps taken.


Y'all..I'm tired!!
I for sure enjoyed that 'turbo shot' in my daily iced coffee with extra cream and extra sugar...extra caffeine!
This filter is ahhh-dorable though!
Then we watched the historic inauguration. As a fan of history, this mama loved sitting with my daughter watching history & democracy in action. Regardless of your feelings towards the election or any presidency, praying for this great nation is necessary. I chose to watch the coverage and pray for America! I decided that there was enough nit-pickers and negativity in the world, and I was going to be a light!
We had a welcoming dinner for our new volleyball coach, and it was so good.
 In true blogger fashion, I forgot to share pictures of the food...well almost
And how adorable is my plus 1?!
Joe's team had a ball game that night, so this sweet thing was my date. We had a ball together hanging with the other staff at Science Hill, and the food was divine! The culinary department at Science Hill prepared Hawaiian pork BBQ, teriyaki chicken, rice pilaf, roasted veggies, pineapple slaw, and an assortment of cakes.
I know adults who cannot cook as well as these students!
 Nat's pink strawberry cake!
 My Oreo buttercream cake!
We then busted it to Joe's game! We made it there just in time for the start of the game.
 This picture basically sums my life up!
Courtside @ a ball game for one of my handsome fellas!
The game was a little out of control, so Nat and I found a mirror and snapped selfies!
 Love this girl!!
 & my favorite Matilda Jane dress!
The new collection releases so soon, and this mama cannot wait!
I'm loving ending my nights with some cookies and my Bible study.
This study is so good. I'm hoping to share a little bit of what I'm been convicted with later this week.


Seriously...when will this happen?!
 We need a break, but we enjoyed watching Carson play basketball, Saturday. So much focus is on Joe's team & now Stephen's travel team that it was so nice watching my favorite middle hustle. That is the thing about that sweet baby..he never takes a play off.
 Then he and I headed to an awesome Lego-themed party for our buddy Dru.
Dru's mama is super mom in my book, and she threw the cutest party. I totally failed in snapping pictures because I was so enjoying hanging out with some of my favorite mamas!
We happily came home to enjoy quick, little naps before it was time for Joe's second game of the weekend.
 The boys shagging balls during warm-ups.
(Totally in their element)
And the girl cheering with some of her cute little buddies. Piper and Avery are now "her babies," and she loved being the big girl around them.
Sweet little thangs!!
And of course, if you give Nataleigh an arena, then she'll rock it out!
She & her buddies had the entire facility rocking.
It was basically the cutest thing ever!
Well, right there with THIS VIDEO!


 Sunday Funday with these beautiful kids!
We love our church so much!!
And then we had a Cinderella dinner, and it was so needed. Life has been stressful, and I needed to unwind a little with some of the most funny women I know. We did discuss fundraising and all the ins and outs of the Cinderella pageants, and we are so excited about this 2017 year with these beautiful girls!
 Silly princesses!!
 & y'all know we love our Matilda Jane!
These two are such awesome 'big sisters' to my Nat! She wants to grow up to be just like Camryn & Emma, and I can't blame her!
I would love to share the pictures of our homemade Mexican dinner and yummy desserts, but....
And basically that was our night!
We had another busy, productive, but fun weekend together.
Happy Monday, y'all!!

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