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Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

This boy's snow-prayers worked, and we enjoyed our weekend so much!


It started snowing while we were on our way to school drop-off, and I just had a feeling that I would be turning around to grab the boys. Sure enough, after only being at school for an hour, the boys were dismissed!
 While I sat in the pick-up line...
I got this picture from Stephen's teacher. Clearly the students were just so excited about the snow!!
It flurried on and off all day with little accumulation, but the majority of the snow wasn't set to hit until later Friday night.


We woke up to an absolute winter wonderland.
We got several inches of snow, and the kiddos couldn't wait to get out in it.
Joe and I could wait..
The three cutest snow bunnies I ever did see.
The kiddos and Joe helped my grandfather clear his driveway and check on a heifer that is about to give birth. They had a ball playing in the snow on the farm!
We got the call on Friday that Carson's game had gotten cancelled, and we prayed all day that Stephen's tournament would be cancelled. Not to be a boo basketball mom, but it was our anniversary & we had plans. Also, I just wanted to spend Saturday bundled up with my family.
Alas, it wasn't cancelled, and shame on me for even thinking it! My boy played with such aggression & intensity, and he even scored in two of the three games. He's grown so, so, so much as a basketball player this year, and while it has been a struggle at times, it has been such a learning experience for us all!
Anniversary dinner date night with my love at one of our favorite steak houses!
I live for the house salad & prime rib!
 Followed by his & her chai tea lattes!
from the funniest barista ever!
And the sweetest card ever with a Dunkin Donuts gift card because my man knows what I want!
I've mentioned it before that our marriage has been through the fire, and I cannot wait to share a little about our marital testimony. God deserves all the glory, and I am so proud of my husband & the love we share!


The weekend snow cancelled our church services, so we had ourselves just one big ole lazy day!
And it was nearly perfection!!
 Coffee and donut run!
 I mean, who wants to get out and do anything in these temperatures, and I know it's not as bad as some of y'all. This is just so dang cold!
 Mama then had to show everyone that she's the Monopoly queen!
 Followed by the little luxuries of a foot rub & ice cream!
Blue Bell mint chocolate chip for the win!
It was pretty nice, and I will not complain at all.

They have already cancelled school for the boys tomorrow, so we will enjoy another day of rest and relaxation. Hopefully we will not go to crazy being cooped up together!

Happy Monday!

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