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Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

Thank goodness Joe and the boys are out of school today because this weekend kicked our booties!!
Like seriously KICKED!


The boys kicked the weekend off with their EPIC celebration. It's the end of the 9-week celebration for those kiddos who behave and do as they are expected to do. This celebration included Carson being the runner-up in Cookie Face, where he had to move a cookie from his forehead to his mouth without his hands.
 Clearly, EPIC was epic!!
We then headed up to Bristol to watch Joe's ballgame! It was a rough night to be a Viking, but my girl looked cute!
 Backstage photo session!
 These two are just best buddies. They bring out the best and the worst in each other, but they are kinda adorable sharing a bag of popcorn while watching basketball!
Friday Night Hoops!
They even hung out with the mascot!
We are so lucky that our kids get the royal treatment around Viking Hall. They are spoiled absolutely rotten, though.


So Saturday was dedicated to all things basketball, like much of our lives right now, but our morning started off with a happy girl after opening the mail! We ordered these socks a few weeks ago, so she could match Ashlyn, her birthday present, and she is still pretty stoked that her socks got here!
 cutest boots and socks ever!!
Then the boys headed to Carson's game while the girls got ready, so we all could head to Stephen's basketball tournament!
This is a whole different world for us, and we're still unsure what we've gotten ourselves into with travel ball. It's fun, nerve-wrecking, and such a learning experience!

 How she feels about game number 2 of the tournament. At this point, Joe had already left because he had a game in Bristol, and we had already exhausted our trips to the concession stand. The child needed her Shopkins game & some privacy!
That cute little orange guy is Carson. He is obsessed with his big brothers team, coaches, and teammates. He loves this group so much!
We then busted it up to watch another night of basketball at Viking Hall.
And Nat & her little friend, Morgan were so excited to be honorary cheerleaders.
I shared on my Instagram page the CUTEST video of Nataleigh doing a cheer and a jump.


Sunday was extra cute.
We were so thankful to be back at Hickory Tree Union Church.
Nat, Joe, and Carson went to this morning's service while Stephen and I headed to the bracket portion of this weekend's tournament. We don't always play on Sunday, but I'm thankful for a sweet church that understands that life happens.
 extra cute!
Just a handsome hubby and his precious girl!!
These two love each other some kinda fierce, but she's still a mama's girl!
She was so excited that our outfits for Sunday Night's service matched.
Joe began a new series, and I am so stinking excited about it. I am so thankful that I married the best preacher, and I don't even care if I am partial!!
Have a wonderful Monday. We are going to enjoy our day off from school!!

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