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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

About Us...Carson Edition

A couple of weeks ago I shared a little more about my Stephen, and I wanted to continue sharing a little more about my sweet family!
Today's post is all about my sweet middle boy Carson!

As long as I can remember, Joe & I always loved the idea of having brothers close in age. There is just something so precious about how sweet 2 brothers are. This is true about my sweet boys. They are so much more than just brothers..they are truly best friends! Stephen without Carson or Carson without Stephen just wouldn't do. They bring out the very best {and worst} in each other, but they love each other so fiercely! 
As soon as Stephen turned one, Joe & I decided to begin trying to get pregnant again, and that first month we conceived Carson. We were quite shocked, but thrilled. 
My pregnancy was completely different than with Stephen. I had zero morning sickness. I still gained very little weight. Besides the fact that my belly was growing, a regular person would never know that I was pregnant. I just knew that we would be having a girl because the pregnancies were so different, but when we found out that it was indeed a boy, we were surprised. Happy, but surprised.
This mama knew boys. I was confident that I could raise another son. 
The only thing that was similar between my first two pregnancies was the fact that my boys both had to be induced. We were induced 2 days after our due date, and like most of the pregnancy, it was completely different than Stephen's induction. It was a quick, speedy delivery, and my epidural really never took because of the speed in which Carson delivered. 
I remember instantly seeing his big, beautiful eyes, and I fell in complete love all over again!
There is just something so special about that mother-son relationship. I could never put it into words, but both of these boys own such huge portions of my heart. My life has been forever changed by my sons!
And then my heart was overwhelmed!
These two instantly fell in love with each other. Stephen instantly took to his new role as big brother like a fish to water. These two boys are so alike, yet so different in many ways. Many of the ways that they are different is so uniquely complimentary. Stephen is my picky-eater, whereas Carson will happily try everything. Carson is agile & swift. Stephen is strong & fast. Stephen is very logical while Carson is more of my free spirit. Carson is my wild, and Stephen is my calm. Their strengths & weaknesses perfectly work together to make up this super team of Hensley boys! They both need their individual time, but they work best together. 
Like I said, I had this image of brothers close in age in my mind, and Stephen & Carson far exceed any image that I could have pictured. 
I pray every single day for these boys. I pray that God keeps them close, and that His great love shows through their relationship. He has big, big plans for my sweet baby boy, and I am so thankful to be along for the ride!

Carson was named after my grandparents, the Carr's. They had all daughters and granddaughters. My boys were the first boys of their family, and Carson reminds me so very much of my sweet Poppy!


  1. What a sweet post! I love learning more about your precious family! Have a great day Britt!

  2. Love my Carson miss his hugs around my knees on Wednesday nites. Makes me want to cry. Give him kisses for me.