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Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday {5} Favorites 2.17.2017

Y'all this has been a week...

Let me hug ya!!
This is gonna be one big, huge hodge-podge of a Friday Favorites!!


I am so excited about this one, so I had to lead in with it!!
{Excuse my no-makeup, crazy hair}
Almost 2 weeks ago, I took Nat to a Matilda Jane mini-session with a photographer and one of my favorite Trunk Keepers. Every order placed equaled an entry for this weekender bag!
Oh my stars...mama won!
It is the prettiest bag ever!!
 The inside is just so gorgeous!
I'm thinking of having my monogram added!!


We are a basketball-loving family. Our love borders on obsession, and this year we really got to see Carson come into his own a little more.

Most Outstanding Player, Most Proficient Shooter, and Most Supportive Teammate.
I'm so proud of the little player he is, and Coaches Luke & Brad are just amazing. They really got a bunch of 6-7 year olds working together, and the rest of the teams better watch out for The Flash next weekend!


This tee that my sweet friend, Chelsea made for Nat!
"Proud to be from East Tennessee"
Paired with black leggings and our Minnetonka fringe boots made for just the cutest outfit ever!
I've already requested a mama-sized matching tee!!


Wednesday we road-tripped to Gastonia, NC, where we lived for over 7 years. So many of my favorite people ever are there, and I was fortunate enough to check-in with a few of them!
And these two girls had a blast together!
I've mentioned Kylee before!
I basically love her and her mama so dang much. Angel, Kylee's mom, and I are super close, and we keep telling Kylee & Carson that we have signed papers for them to be married one day! I mean, Nat would love to be Kylee's sis-in-law, and she is just the cutest, sweetest kid ever!
It's always good to catch up with people who love, support, and pray for you!


I've been trying to do Nataleigh's hair differently lately than just pulling it up or out of her face.
We've tried the bow-bun, and loved it!
I am so thankful, however, for a team-full of girlie girls who know how to fix hair. Nat had to go with me to workouts this week, and she got primped on by Caitlin!!

Anna hair for the win!!
We left the braids in for dance on Monday night, and she told everyone that mommy's girls do her hair!!
Maybe Science Hill will takeover Tennessee High in at least one of my children's hearts!!

& your weekend


  1. Love that bag and he rlittle tee is presh! Happy weekend! xo

  2. LOV MJ BAGS :) they are the best happy Friday Chelsea @thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/