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Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Faves 2.10.2017

This week has been a butt-kicker. We've had a typically busy week, but on top of that, I've been so sick! I've had a nasty upper respiratory cold, and I am so glad that I'm feeling so much better.

I didn't blog as much this week due to being so sick, but I've got my Friday Favorites list ready to go!!


Girl moms everywhere rejoice together!
The new collection and first release was BEAUTIFUL!

Today you can shop from the Vault. These are limited numbered, extra-special pieces. Use TK# 1696 for Brittney Pearson or TK #3077 for LaDonna Roberts. Both of these fabulous Trunk Keepers can help you shop for yourself or your little girl!!


Tuesday's Link-up was so good, right?!
I loved reading the comments & the other blogs that were in the link up. It's not always easy to be vulnerable, especially when it comes our marriages, but it's so beneficial! I learned so much Wednesday, and I just love this little blogging community so much!!
MUAAAAH, mamas!!


I needed a new go-to neutral, and Essie never disappoints!

 Go Go Geisha for the win!!
And I topped it with their gel-setter top coat, and it dries almost instantly. It is a great at-home top coat!!


This text message from last Friday!
Nataleigh had a sweet photoshoot this weekend, and I wanted just one or two snaps taken with her. I needed the perfect shoes though! When I found THESE, I fell in loveand they are on sale!!
They are beautiful, fun, sassy, and oh-so-comfortable!
Go get them now, and thank me later!


Yep!! No shame in my drive-thru game! I've been hitting Taco Bell up so often that I swear I'm turning into Taco Belle.
Where's my tiara?!
 My order is always the same...triple layer nachos, large baja blast, and a cinnamon twist! I just can't stop!
#cantstopwontstop #ButINeedToStop #LikeSeriouslySTOP

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Happy Weekend!!!


  1. I looooove Taco Bell! It's all I ate for my first trimester when I was pregnant last year and had no shame pulling up to the drive through window at 12pm in the afternoon. Stopping over from the linkup - hope you have a great weekend! Stop by my blog if you're bored =0)

    1. It's just so craveable, but it's not helping my 'summer body!'

  2. I definitely agree with you, this week was a butt kicker for sure. I love Essie and the colors choose. Perfect for this time of year. Happy Friday!

  3. Love me some Taco Bell :) it's always my husband's pick if we do fast food for dinner! Also, that Essie color is amazing and I think I need it now! Happy Friday!


  4. Love the nail polish! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. I like Taco Bell but the kids always eat better at CFA so...there's that! ;). Also I need to try Essie, I think i might be the only lady to not have ever tried Essie nail polish but I need to - do you find it chips? Love meeting you thru the link up!!!! Xoxo Erin

    1. It does chip, but I don't feel it chips as often as other polishes. I still love OPI & shellac better, but this is great for at-home manicures! Thanks for stopping by!