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Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Favorites 2.3.17

It's the first Friday of February {my favorite month}, and since Joseph is my number 1 favorite, I want to share 5 things I love, love, love about him.


He is my number one, bestie for ever!
From being silly on car rides, to listening to me whine & complain, he's my number 1! I am so thankful that we have such a strong friendship in our marriage. We not only love each other, but we like each other too!!


He's one heck of a dad!
These boys think that their d-a-double d-y is the MAN, and he really is!
Nataleigh also thinks Joe is pretty awesome, and I would agree!!!


He tolerates my crazy!
Even though he doesn't quite get the whole dry shampoo obsession, he tolerates it. I do, totally, tolerate his crazy too, so I guess we are equal!


Our love story isn't ideal or perfect in anyway, but it is wholly our's. I love US!


Most importantly,
He's so fine!!
These guns!!
I'm one lucky woman.
Funny side note: during our pre-marital counseling, our counselor asked us to write down 10 reasons we loved each other, and my favorite is still number 11....his big muscles. Scott Greene got quite the kick out of it, and Joe's big ole Hensley head got even bigger!!
I am not one who loves Valentine's Day, but this year I really want to focus on what matters during this time of year. I want to appreciate all those little quirks that attracted me to Joe as well as focus on continuing to surrender our marriage to God.
Jojo, I love you dearly, and I've been with you for 12 Valentine's Days. I'm so thankful that after all this time we still choose each other. This month I choose to honor, love, and cherish you as much as possible.
I love you, boo!!
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  1. This melted my heart. Yay for marriage! Yay for the ability to be silly, funny, and totally emo when we need to be and have husbands who love us no matter what shenanigans we get into. xoxoxo

  2. This is such a sweet post!! So important to like as well as love!

  3. Such a sweet post! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!