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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Our Valentine's Day

First things first, HAPPY FEBRUARY 15TH, y'all!!
Yesterday was such a normal Tuesday for us with a little extra love splashed throughout.
We grabbed each kiddo a little box of chocolates and a surprise toy!
My kids are obsessed with opening these little surprise toys {thanks YouTube Kids}!!
TeenyMates are sports surprises, and these were basketball toys. Nat was super excited about her new Shopkins, season whatever we are on now!!
Like every day, these two studs tackled another day of school, and they were so proud of their Valentine's.
Quick sweet story..There is a sweet little girl in Carson's class, and she is super shy, quiet, and smart. Well, Carson decided that he wanted to get her a little something extra, so I suggested that he find out what her favorite candy was. That sweet boy proudly marched into that school, nervously hoping that the heart box of mini Twixes was just what Emma wanted, and of course she loved it. The girl that ends up with that boy is lucky for sure. He's thoughtful, caring, and so stinkin' genuine! I just love my boys!
We played on SnapChat while running a bunch of errands & while at Joe's ballgame.
Like I said earlier this week, Tennessee High is in the District tournament, so every game could be their last. After a hard-fought game, the Vikings fell to the Pioneers. I'm so proud of how hard those boys and coaches worked this season. There is a lot to be proud of, and I'm so proud of you, Joe!
And we ended the night snuggled up watching the Game Show Network, because we are cool like that!
I love following @proverbs31ministries on Instagram, and I just had to repost today's devotion! My marriage is vitally important, especially while raising three young kids. I want them to have a marriage like we have. It's flawed, but it's real. I sent it to Joe because it was important to me to tell him that I choose him today & every day. I don't choose him because I'm obligated by my faith. I choose him because he's my best friend & the greatest love of my life!
I hope you all had a fun, love-filled Tuesday. Here's to showering our loved ones with so much love the other 364 days of the year!


  1. Game Show Network is where it's at! We watch Family Feud all the time. And Baggage. C'mon, some people are crazy! What a sweet day you had yesterday. Have a wonderful day today!

    1. We are into the new Divided game, but we love those classics too! Happy Wednesday