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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Post Basketball Lessons

As most of you know, I have been engrossed in the basketball season for the last 4+ months.  It is incredibly time consuming, tiring, stressful, and all so sweet at the same time.  As I look back at this season, I realize that I have learned so much about life, coaching, communicating, leadership, and cultivating relationships.  There is no possible way I could outline all the lessons I have learned this season, however, I will give you a few in no particular order.

1) There is no substitute for hard work.

Michael Mays, the Big 7 Conference player of the year, is a tireless worker.  I had the pleasure to watch him spend countless hours in the gym improving his game.  He leaves TN High as one of the greatest players every to wear a Viking's jersey.  This is not by chance or luck, but by hard work.  He is not the tallest, strongest, toughest, or quickest, but he has a work ethic that does not stop.  If you want something, go work for it.

2) Shaping lives takes many different forms.

I am learning more and more that coaching is so much more than wins and loses.  I have a deep desire for these young men to be better men because of basketball and my relationship with them.  As I look at the landscape of America, it is my task to pass the torch to those coming behind me.  I seek to shape these players to be the best husbands, fathers, sons, and citizens they can be.  Those attributes will be remembered long after the wins and loses are forgotten.

3) The vast majority of people have no idea what goes in to coaching.

Like so many other jobs, coaching is so misunderstood.  For the vast majority of people, the only part of coaching they see is the in-game coaching.  That really is the least time consuming part of the job.  There is no telling how many hours were spent scouting, watching film, game planning, practicing, brainstorming, and so much more.  I am learning quickly that it is foolish for me to expect people to understand these things.  They will never understand because they don't know what goes into each and every game, and that is okay!  That is a lesson I will be learning for years to come.

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