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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesdays: Our Loves

Today we are linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Show & Tell Tuesdays, and today we are sharing a little about our loves!

Here are upcoming topics!!
My loves!!
Boy, oh boy, do I have some sweet loves!


Oh this man of mine! Where do I begin?!
I shared a little about our relationship last Wednesday. Like I said, it hasn't always been rainbows & sunshine, but it has always been worth working through those tough times because life is so sweet right now! I love how hard-working, dedicated, smart, kind, forgiving, affectionate, and funny this sweet man of mine is! He was called into ministry at an early age, and I love how much he loves preaching and sharing God's goodness & grace with anyone he meets. He loves Jesus, his family, and his friends. He's such a great role model for our babies. Our boys want to grow up to be just like him, and I just pray that Nataleigh marries a man just like him! Jojo, I love you dearly, and I am so thankful that God designed my life to include you! You make me so happy every single day, and I cannot wait to see what the next 50 years look like!


Oh my handsome boy!
This sweet boy is kind, smart, loving, protective, ambitious, and so much more. This boy has a big personality and an even bigger heart! He loves sports, any and every, and he can make a competition out of anything, including throwing paper wads into baskets, literally! He's determined. Oh my goodness, when this boy sets his mind to something he will stay at it until he's mastered it! I love this about Stephen! Stephen, my sweet first born, you changed my world for sure! I love you so much, dear boy! I love your big, bright smile! Keep Jesus first, and you'll go far baby!


My funny, beautiful boy!
Oh Carson, he is just the funniest little boy I've ever met. He is kind, generous, loving, affectionate, and oh so precious! This sweet baby boy keeps me on my toes and always on an adventure! He too loves sports and competition. I think he hates losing more than loves winning, and he takes it so personally if his team loses. He works so hard at everything. He's so very kind, sweet, beautiful, and smart. Carson, my funny Valentine, I love you & your big, brown eyes so very much! I pray that you always have that heart for Jesus!!


Oh my sweet girl.
How out of all the girls in the world, did we get the best girl ever?!
You rocked our world sweet heart, and you keep life fun and full of sparkles! I love how you love. You know you are the princess of our life, and baby girl, you wear that crown gorgeously. My sweet girl, I pray that you always chase your dreams and that every dream comes true. I love you, Princess!!
This post reminded me of that one time many years ago, when blogging wasn't quite what it is now. I attempted to blog once before, and I just wasn't ready. I stumbled across one of the few posts that I shared, and it was a Valentine's Day post.
Almost 5 years ago, I shared HERE about one particularly difficult Valentine's Day. I'm thankful for how God worked even that miscarriage out for His glory! He's redeemed so much of my life, and I just have to thank God for the love and the loves of my life...even that sweet baby that I never met!


  1. Love reading your posts (and following you on Snapchat!) - your kiddos are so cute!!